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Updated on: 21 Octobert 2007

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  • Updated on: 23 September 2006

    There is now a website which does contain detailed statistics (in downloadable spreadsheets). This site is maintained by people related to the Transvaal Agricultural Union.:-
  • Click on the bull's eye in the centre to enter this site for detailed data on the murders
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  • Updated on: 17 September 2006

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  • Adriana Stuijt's CensorBugBear website was closed down earlier this year, due to her ill health and old age. So there is nobody who is providing a centralised place to count the farm murders. The death toll by now is probably close to 2,000. There are however groups of farmers being organised by TAU (Transvaal Agricultural Union), to protect each other. The farmers are constantly beefing up their security, and the number of deaths is going down because they are better prepared. However, the attacks have not stopped and they probably kill at least one farmer per week, sometimes more. The best expert on Farm Security in South Africa is: Chris Van Zyl, at TAU.

    There is very litte official interest in the murder of white farmers. The closest to a comprensive website dealing with it is the Dutch website:

    Note: Farm attacks in South Africa are 700% higher than attacks on farms in any other country on Earth.

    Note: The farm murders page on this website has been extremely popular for its gruesome photos ever since I put it up. However, I have noted, on occasion that some of the more liberal-minded people outside SA query whether the photos on this site are real. Well, now in the Video section of the Photo Gallery you can now view or download a 15 minute documentary which was shown to millions in South Africa by a reputable TV channel (MNET), which backs up everything in the photos on this website regarding farm murders.

    With regard to the photos on this site, I obtained them from various sources including a senior person in the Public Relations Dept of the Transvaal Agricultural Union. These photos are actual Police Crime Scene photos. Exactly who took them and gave them to various people I do not know. To the best of my knowledge they are photos smuggled out from people with links to the Police. (Police are also interviewed in the documentary you will see).

    Further Note: Farm attacks have increased over the years and are now happening at twice the levels before - however, the better security precautions taken by farmers are resulting in annual murder rates remaining more or less the same (about 150 farmers being murdered per annum out of a total number of 60,000 farmers). As at Mid-2003, the death toll of murdered which South African farmers stands at: 1,400. Over 1,400 white farmers or their family members have been killed in several thousand farm attacks since 1994. Detailed studies of these farm attacks show them to be politically motivated. It has been alleged (a) That a training video has been discovered showing blacks the tactics needed to watch farmers, stalk them and kill them (b) A "gang" is apparently offering $250 for the murder of a white farmer. Who funds this gang, is unclear, but it is suspected that it is linked back to politicians in South Africa.

    A number of people have been compiling the names and details of the dead so far. They have also included the names and details of Farm workers who have also been murdered violently. If you want to look at these, click on this link: Click here to see the names of the dead - right up to the present.

    There have been some sites which have shown some graphic photos of the murdered individuals, but a number of these sites end up shutting down - possibly due to lack of funds. Had I known this would happen, I would have plagiarised some of their photos and stories beforehand so that the stories would not be lost. So I have been forced to acquire my own material from scratch. Some of what you are about to see has never been seen on the Internet before. As time goes by I will attempt to get more details of the actual incidents.

    What I will say, having been in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, is that farm attacks are nothing new. They were the standard TERROR TACTIC used by Mugabe and Nkomo to come to power in Zimbabwe. Farm attacks were the norm in Rhodesia and to my mind, we are seeing the same war being waged clandestinely today, against the 40,000+ white farmers in South Africa. The aim of the game is to drive whites off the land to abandon it so that it can be "Liberated."

    Don't forget to download a free copy of The Great South African Land Scandal which was written by one of the top Land Claims attorney's in South Africa. The Government tried to suppress this book when it hit the shelves. Click here to go to The Great South African Land Scandal page

    If you are interested in Land Claims which are happening in South Africa quietly without hardly a mention being heard in the media then click here to look at a Mega-Land Claim which involves 263 Land Owners and a nuclear power station!!

    Note: The photos you see on this page are of true farm attacks out in the rural areas. Murders which take place on plots are not included here. This could account for some discrepancies in various figures. The figures given below EXCLUDE attacks on smallholdings and plots:-

    Jan-Oct 2001809106

    Note: Farm attacks have increased since 1994, when the ANC came to power.

    All the photos you see on this page are white people who were murdered or attacked by blacks. Kindly note, our government falls over itself to spread news across the world when a Police dog attacks a black man. They then shout RACIST! RACIST! At the top of their voices. The trained Police dog does not even draw blood. They find this, and parade it as a white hate crime against a black. Now come and take a look at a very small sampling of black hate crimes on whites and compare them. Note, these are often committed by fit young black men - often against the very old or against women or children. As I say in my book, our new leaders are the most racist people in the country. They want race hatred. They love it. It is the only thing that gives them a reason to exist. They are incapable of doing anything positive for the country so all they can do is beat that worn old racist drum of theirs and remind everyone that all our problems are supposedly caused by whites! It is that sort of talk which encourages and leads to crimes of the sort you will see on this page.

    Before we get to the corpses. Let's take a look at a "lucky" old lady. She survived.

    She is being operated on. But just take a look at the hideous wounds to her head in the next few photos

    Look at her black eye.

    On the operating table. Just look at that black eye.

    On the operating table. From this angle her wounds look hideous.

    The Ones Who Did Not Make It...

    A murdered white woman

    This image and the ones which follow show the grievous injuries suffered by a white farmer. God alone knows what he went through before he was killed, as you will see.

    Close up, look at the red and black on his chest. It is as if he has either been badly beaten or partially burned.

    From this angle the burn marks on his chest stand out clearly.

    Closer up it does indeed appear as if he has been set on fire.

    We see a rope being removed from his neck

    The burn marks on his face and hair are clearly visible. As I remember, from news reports they first murdered the couple and then tried to set fire to the corpse of the man.

    The next set of images is of the murder of an old woman. As can be seen by the dress and the surroundings, some of these people are quite poor.

    Blood everywhere... even on the white panel of the red door...

    Lots of blood. I am not sure what the black "liquid" is. Is it dried blood perhaps?

    Here her body is being turned over...

    Truly gruesome. A man's face is partly blown away...

    This man was clearly set on fire at some point.

    This baby was set on fire... I know there was one instance of a baby being wrapped in newspaper and being set on fire. This might be it...

    This man was hung in his bathroom. It seems as if they used a belt.

    It looks like this young woman took a gunshot directly to her temple.

    This school boy was hung. Take note, he is still wearing his school uniform.

    Here he is from another angle.

    It looks as if there is blood on the bed to the left of this corpse

    A murdered woman

    It looks as if this man/boy was tied up before he was murdered.

    This murdered man seems to be lying underneath a tyre.

    A murdered woman

    Note the cuts to this man's wrists. He is still in his pyjamas. He was probably murdered at night.

    A close-up shot shows the cuts to his wrists and a horrible wound in his neck.

    Postmortem. Just look at the horrible wounds on this old woman.

    Postmortem. From another angle.

    This body may have been buried and was now dug up.

    Bruises can be seen on this person's face.

    The Worst for last...

    I left this horrible photo for the last. It remains etched in my mind because I scanned this from a highly detailed, A4-size photograph. This old man is missing the top half of his head. If you will look above his left arm you will see what appears to be his brains piled up on the edge of the bath.

    The mass slaughter of our South African farmers and their workers
    must stop. The murder rate amongst this sector our SA society
    stands at 313 per 100,000 - the highest for any sector.

    List compiled with assistance from
    Censor Bugbear.

    We offer our condolences to the families of the victims.

    Genocide Watch reports on SA Farm Attacks

    December 2003

    · 17 - 1591 Loekie van Nieuwenhuizen (59) stabbed & driven over until dead, Louis Trichardt, LP

    · 06 - 1590 Deon Lourens (33) shot dead during robbery at Brandon Hill farm, Empangeni, KZN

    · 02 - 1589 Unnamed farmer (75) found dead in a pool of blood on farm, Tweefontein, MPL

    November 2003

    · 23 - 1588 Rina du Plessis (74) battered to death, husband Oom Dup (75) injured, Lephalale, LP

    · 07 - 1587 Unnamed frail woman (87) dies after attack (2 others injured), unnamed farm, FS

    October 2003

    · 25 - 1586 Gerhard van den Berg (44) shot dead in attack, farm Klippan, Bothaville, FS

    · 20 - 1585 Graham Cumming (54) stabbed to death dropping off workers, Steynsburg district, EC

    · 13 - 1584 Koos Terblanche (52) found dead, throat slit, on farm, Trentham, near Bethlehem, FS

    · 13 - 1583 1 of 2 unknown farmworkers raped, bludgeoned to death, farm Marico, Thabazimbi, LP

    · 13 - 1582 1 of 2 unknown farmworkers raped, bludgeoned to death, farm Marico, Thabazimbi, LP

    September 2003

    · 27 - 1581 Piet de Jager (69) shot dead (wife/son unharmed), farm Laatgevonden, Levubu, LP

    · 20 - 1580 Stan Herbst (40) shot dead (nothing stolen), farm Bella, Pilgrim's Rest MPL

    · 20 - 1579 Unknown attacker shot dead by Stan Herbst (above), farm Bella, Pilgrim's Rest MPL

    · 17 - 1578 Philip Buys (77) cursed as "white man" then shot dead, Weenen area, Midlands, KZN

    · 13 - 1577 Kleinboy Vuma (60) shot dead by camouflaged man with assault rifle, Steynsburg, FS

    · 13 - 1576 Patrick Mabaza, (58) shot dead by camouflaged man with assault rifle, Steynsburg, FS

    · 13 - 1575 Fred Naude (65) disabled farmer tortured, beaten to pulp, executed, Cullinan, GT

    · 13 - 1574 Unnamed farmer (name not released by police) found murdered, Midlands, KZN,

    August 2003

    · 27 - 1573 Karel Petrus vd Walt (59) ambushed, found by wife shot dead, Oorsaak, Kroondal, NW

    · 21 - 1572 Kobus Nel (31) died of injuries after shooting attack on farm Sardinia, Bultfontein, FS

    · 20 - 1571 Roseline Madgaremele (27) found shot dead in veld, Tseki, EC

    · 20 - 1570 Thabo Madgaremele (13) (son of Roseline) found shot dead in veld, Tseki, EC

    · 19 - 1569 Unnamed suspect killed by police, smallholding, Erasmia, GT

    · 14 - 1568 Unnamed victim beaten to death with hammer, Dunn-Zulu tribal land, Mtunzini, KZN

    · 13 - 1567 Piet Keebina (69) beaten to death (cop arrested), farm Leeufontein, Zeerust, NW

    · 12 - 1566 Sunny Moodley (55) shot dead on his smallholding, Verulam, Inanada, KZN

    · 12 - 1565 Janakie Moodley (45) wife of Sunny shot dead on smallholding, Verulam, Inanada, KZN

    · 02 - 1564 Unnamed woman found shot dead (awaiting report), Bethlehem reservoir, FS

    July 2003

    · 30 - 1563 Fanie Smith (42) torched to death on farm 'Vadersdeel', Heilbron, FS

    · 30 - 1562 Ina Smith (33) wife of Fanie torched to death on farm 'Vadersdeel', Heilbron, FS

    · 19 - 1561 Muntungethuke Majola (64) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1560 Sihle Majola (22) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1559 Sindisiwe Majola (27) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1558 Sipho Majola (34) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1557 Qiniso Hlongwane (18mths) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1556 Themba Manyathi (11) slain in attack on homestead, Empangeni, KZN

    · 19 - 1555 Sebastian van Reenen employee, shot dead, Dew Fresh farm stall, Philippi, WC

    · 11 - 1554 Douw Gerbrand Grobler (59) shot dead on smallholding, Cullinan, GT

    · 11 - 1553 Frederika Jacoba Grobler (57) wife of Douw shot dead on smallholding, Cullinan, GT

    June 2003

    · 14 - 1552 Willie Griebenow (56) stabbed to death on smallholding, Walkerville, GT

    · 13 - 1551 Thomas Ramsay (56) stabbed dead, Hermansberg-Schormans farm, Nelspruit, MPL

    · 04 - 1550 Nicholas Goossen ( 41) slashed throat found dead, Meadowbank farm, Vrede, FS

    May 2003

    · 17 - 1549 Matsihe Lasse (33) beaten to death on smallholding, Remhoogte, Skeerpoort, NW

    · 16 - 1548 Conrad Frederik Hattingh (40) shot dead on farm, Koperfontein, Boons, NW

    · 04 - 1547 Jakob van der Westhuizen (74) hacked to death, Boekenhoutkloof, Cullinan, GT

    · 04 - 1546 Godukile Madyo (50) shot dead by neighbouring farmer, Mankazana, Balfour, EC

    · 01 - 1545 Pierre Grobbelaar (54) shot dead on smallholding, Benoni, GT

    April 2003

    · 15 - 1544 Reimond Bock (44) shot dead during robbery on Cape Flats farm, Phillipi, WC

    · 12 - 1543 Johan Taljaard (33) shot dead in his bed, unnamed farm, Delareyville, NW

    · 07 - 1542 Johan van der Bank (38) shot dead on his dairy farm, Vereeniging, NW

    March 2003

    · 27 - 1541 Theuns Smit (48) shot dead on his unnamed farm, Brits, NW

    · 22 - 1540 Unidentified man found dead on a maize farm, Orange district, Fouriesburg, FS

    · 15 - 1539 Joseph William Roberts (73) found murdered on his smallholding, De Deur, NW

    · 13 - 1538 Unamed man found shot dead on smallholding in Knoppieslaagte, GT

    · 13 - 1537 Unamed woman found shot dead on smallholding in Diepsloot, GT

    · 10 - 1536 Jan Zandberg (71) strangled to death on smallholding in Estoire near Bloemfontein, FS

    · 10 - 1535 Dolf Lloyd (69) strangled to death on smallholding in Estoire near Bloemfontein, FS

    · 09 - 1534 Johan de Jager (55) shot dead, found by neighbour on his farm at Uap, Upington, NC

    · 06 - 1533 Jaap Dekker (65) murdered, found by neighbour on his unnamed farm, Piet Retief, MPL

    February 2003

    · 12 - 1532 Unnamed farm worker run-over & killed by angry farmer, (more details awaited)

    · 10 - 1531 Boy William Seshoka (60) farmer shot dead (nothing stolen), Sekgosese, LP

    · 09 - 1530 Melta Sikhakhane (60) shot dead by two gunmen, tribal farm Nkandla, Eshowe, KZN

    · 09 - 1529 Siyabonga Sikhakhane (9) Melta's grandson killed (brother Siphesihle injured), KZN

    January 2003

    · 31 - 1528 Elsie Swart murdered on an agricultural holding near Rustenburg, NW

    · 31 - 1527 Govander Pillay a businessman attacked and killed on a sugar cane plantation, KZN

    · 31 - 1526 James Twine (72) shot, beaten to death on farm Snymansdrif, Polokwane, LP

    · 30 - 1525 Magdalene Swart (56) body found by son in bathroom on farm near Rustenburg, NW

    · 25 - 1524 D J Landsberg (53) shot dead on farm Doornplaats, Ottoshoop, NW, SAFM News

    · 22 - 1523 Galina Xaba (69) shot dead, burned on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1522 Eunice Xaba (55) shot dead, on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1521 Delisile Xaba (27) shot dead, burned on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1520 Hlengiwa Xaba (13) shot dead on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1519 Sanelisiwe Xaba (8) shot dead on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1518 Mxolisi Xaba (3) burned to death on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1517 Neliswa Xaba (2) burned to death on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 22 - 1516 Neliswa Xaba (2) burned to death on tribal farm, Kwa-Maye, Upper Tugela, KZN

    · 18 - 1515 CL Aldridge murdered whilst selling milk in the Boston area (suspect in custody), KZN

    · 15 - 1514 Piet Hattingh (82) attacked, brutally murdered on farm at Roedtan (3 sentenced), LP

    December 2002

    · 31 - 1513 Mncedisi Ngubane (26) beaten to death on farm in Wembezi area near Estcourt, KZN

    · 22 - 1512 Johan van Dyk (58) beaten to death, Kareebosch, Polokwane, Louis Trichardt, LP

    · 22 - 1511 Christina van Dyk (54) (Johan's wife) beaten to death, Kareebosch, Polokwane, LP

    · 20 - 1510 Beatrize Susanna Naude (66) shot dead on farm Doornpoort, near Krugersdorp, GT

    · 17 - 1509 Lukas Steenkamp (82) killed (found dead on floor by neighbours), unnamed farm, LP

    · 16 - 1508 Unnamed girl (17) found strangled in barn on farm Mooiplaas, Theunissen district, FS

    · 16 - 1507 William Mtswene (53) killed by stock thieves on farm Elim, Estacia, Breyten, MPL

    · 01 - 1506 Rinus Smith (27) killed (brother Helgardt wounded), Aangeknocht, Bultfontein, FS

    · ?? - 1505 Leonardus Ruiters (66) stabbed, beaten to death by ex-prisoner, Tuinplaas, Napier, WC

    November 2002

    · 12 - 1504 Martin Delport (64) shot dead on farm Rietfontein, outside Bronkhorstspruit, GT

    October 2002

    · 12 - 1503 Douw van Tonder (24) killed (wife Alicia (20) injured), unnamed farm, Lephalale, LP

    · 12 - 1502 Balasindrum Naicker (50) killed (son Raishen (22) wounded) on farm, Tongaat, KZN

    September 2002

    · 27 - 1501 Marius Klingbill killed on farm Lagerspoort near Heidelberg, NW

    · 27 - 1500 Wife of Marius Klingbill killed on farm Lagerspoort near Heidelberg, NW

    · 27 - 1499 Johannes Pretorius (58) shot dead by four men on farm Rietfontein, Balfour, MPL

    · 21 - 1498 Dolly Manqele (67) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, Undumbili, KZN

    · 21 - 1497 Mkhanyifeleni Manqele (40) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, KZN

    · 21 - 1496 Sithembile Khumalo (14) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, KZN

    · 21 - 1495 Vuyani Gwala (8) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, Undumbili, KZN

    · 21 - 1494 Nokwanda Gwala (5) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, Undumbili, KZN

    · 21 - 1493 Nombulelo Gwala (6) family massacre on Mankenshaneni Reserve, Undumbili, KZN

    · 21 - 1492 George Lewis (77) killed on unnamed farm outside Witbank, MPL

    · 21 - 1491 Albertina Lewis (75) (George's wife) killed on unnamed farm outside Witbank, MPL

    · 08 - 1490 Unnamed farmer killed (no police confirmation - family informed media), Ermelo, MPL

    August 2002

    · 25 - 1489 Raju Naicker (68) killed on Sotsha Sugar Estate, Doringkop, Kwa Dukuza, KZN

    · 17 - 1488 Unnamed farmer's wife killed in firebombing on unnamed farm (Sapa), Tzaneen, MPL

    · 16 - 1487 Johan Viljoen (19) farm Zevenfontein (he & farm torched, 1 injured), Ficksburg, FS

    · 14 - 1486 1 of 3 unnamed Zulu peasant farmers killed in attack (13 injured), Greytown, KZN

    · 14 - 1485 1 of 3 unnamed Zulu peasant farmers killed in attack (13 injured), Greytown, KZN

    · 14 - 1484 1 of 3 unnamed Zulu peasant farmers killed in attack (13 injured), Greytown, KZN

    · 08 - 1483 Unamed farmer (65) shot livestock thief dead, arrested for murder, Malmesbury, WC

    · 07 - 1482 Christo Olivier (58) killed on smallholding (2 held), Jan Kempdorp, WC

    · 07 - 1481 Hillary Weyers (35) killed on unnamed farm (one arrested), Hoedspruit, MPL

    · 07 - 1480 Henry van Rensburg (74) killed on unnamed farm, Delareyville, NW

    · 07 - 1479 Headless torso of ethnic-European male found on unnamed farm, MPL

    · 01 - 1478 Johannes Jacobus Maree (62) killed on Plot 186 Hillside, Randfontein, GT

    July 2002

    · 28 - 1477 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 28 - 1476 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 28 - 1475 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 28 - 1474 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 28 - 1473 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 28 - 1472 1 of 6 unnamed Gogwana peasant farming family including a child (9) massacred, EC

    · 27 - 1471 Johan Steyn (65) shot dead on Plot 55 Bynespoort, Cullinan area, GT

    · 25 - 1470 Fritz Brentschneider (63) killed on farm Kromdraai (3 youths arrested), Bela-Bela, LP

    · 19 - 1469 Roy Murley killed on smallholding, Kocksrus, Westonaria, NW

    · 12 - 1468 Johannes Lake (50) shot dead on farm Lynspruit, Vryheid, KZN

    · 12 - 1467 Johnny Scheepers shot dead on farm Scheeper's Nek, Vryheid, KZN

    · 08 - 1466 Ruben Wentzel (39) killed (wife & lover held), farm Villa Pax, Vryburg, NW

    · 08 - 1465 Masihlala Mhlongo (65) killed in attack on his Dunn-Zulu tribal farm, KZN

    · 08 - 1464 Dinyiayini Mhlongo (40) (son of Masihlala) killed on Dunn-Zulu tribal farm, KZN

    · 08 - 1463 Mpendulo Mhlongo (3) (grandson of Masihlala) killed on Dunn-Zulu tribal farm, KZN

    · 08 - 1462 Unnamed man (36) killed (Tierpoort farmer arrested) unnamed farm, Kagisanong, FS

    · 07 - 1461 Andries Pretorius (47) killed on unnamed farm, (3 men arrested July 9), Dundee, KZN

    · 03 - 1460 George Siemens (62) dairy farmer killed at Sekororo village, near Tzaneen, MPL

    · 02 - 1459 Willie Fredericks (38) killed (Ms H. Jantjies wounded), farm Vrede, Stellenbosch, WC

    · 01 - 1458 Unnamed famer shot dead on an unnamed farm, Inanda, KZN

    June 2002

    · 21 - 1457 Subsistence farmer killed (name withheld by police), on unnamed farm, Lusikisiki, EC

    · 15 - 1456 Robin Dent (59) shot dead (son Nicholas kidnapped), unnamed farm, Wartburg, KZN

    · 15 - 1455 Alison Dent (59) (Robin's wife) shot dead on unnamed farm, Wartburg, KZN

    · 08 - 1454 Johannes van Staden (25) killed on smallholding, Cullinan, GT

    · 07 - 1453 Cheryl van Houten (51) hacked to death on smallholding, Centurion, GT

    May 2002

    · 30 - 1452 Albert Langa shot dead by fired farm manager on farm Riviersbaken, Alma, LP

    · 30 - 1451 Nando Masinhi shot dead by fired farm manager on farm Riviersbaken, Alma, LP

    · 30 - 1450 Alexander Pilanculo shot dead by fired farm manager, farm Riviersbaken, Alma, LP

    · 29 - 1449 Ben Vorster (67) killed on unnamed Limpopo farm by an armed gang, LP

    · 21 - 1448 Unnamed farmer killed (SAPA report) on unnamed farm, Grabouw, WC

    · 12 - 1447 Andre Pienaar (56) shot dead on farm Mooitoekoms, Viljoenskroon, FS

    April 2002

    · 29 - 1446 Mona Sawyer (78) killed on unnamed farm (served food to killer), Magaliesberg, GT

    · 22 - 1445 Unidentified farmer (54) bludgeoned to death on unnamed farm, Klapmuts, Paarl, WC

    · 17 - 1444 Rita Mans (31) (farmer's wife) shot dead on unnamed farm (SAFM), Ottosdal, NW

    · 05 - 1443 Iris du Preez (70) killed on smallholding, Wilgeboom, Potchefstroom, NW

    · 05 - 1442 Stephanus Anton Werner (62) killed by workers, unnamed farm, Rustenberg, NW

    · 01 - 1441 Pieter Olivier (54) killed (wife Martie (46) assaulted) on farm Bleskopfontein, GT

    · 01 - 1440 Dickson Pillay (36) torched to death on farm Glendale (homestead torched), KZN

    · 01 - 1439 Sandy Pillay (28) brother of Dickson torched to death on farm Glendale, KZN

    March 2002

    · 23 - 1438 Mphele Mpembe, traditional farmer shot dead on unnamed farm, Escourt, KZN

    · 20 - 1437 Felicity Margaret Gale (58) killed (husband Rodney (67) wounded), Fort Jackson, EC

    · 15 - 1436 Pieter Pieterse (66) TV personality found dead (stabbed 22 times), Komatipoort, MPL

    · 14 - 1435 Marius Delport (50) shot dead on smallholding (nothing stolen), De Deur, GT

    · 14 - 1434 Lilian Delport (54) (Marius's wife) shot dead on smallholding, De Deur, GT

    · 11 - 1433 Rudi Schmidt (51) stabbed to death on farm Tuscanon, Pontdrift, LP

    · 05 - 1432 Michael John Warren (78) shot dead on farm West Poyton, Upper Kubusie area, EC

    February 2002

    · 25 - 1431 Piet Botha (49) homestead visitor killed on farm Crocodillian Estates, Fochville, NW

    · 20 - 1430 Guy Ian Gardner (28) shot dead on farm Breeze Inn, Bishopstowe, KZN

    · 18 - 1429 Noamen Lumkwana (63) (domestic worker) killed on farm Derosa, Gonubie, EC

    · 12 - 1428 Catherine Watkins (21) found dead windpipe torn out, farm shed, Potchefstroom, NW

    · 01 - 1427 Elderly unnamed woman killed on unnamed farm (SAPA report today @14:22), NW

    January 2002

    · 24 - 1426 John de Lange (66) shot dead on smallholding, Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth, EC

    · 24 - 1425 Evelin de Lange (60) (John's wife) sexually assaulted and garroted to death, PE, EC

    · 23 - 1424 Bhangindoda Mkhwananzi (60) traditional farmer torched to death, Hlabisa, KZN

    · 22 - 1423 Thomas Haviside (80) killed on farm Penny Park, Pietermaritzburg, KZN

    · 21 - 1422 Johannes Kubheka (27) massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1421 Sipho Kubheka (25) massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1420 Mlindeni Msomi massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1419 Ms Sankeliswe Ndlovu massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1418 Monwabisi Nxazane (30) massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1417 Jabulani Nzuza massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 21 - 1416 Penuell Shange (38) massacred on farm Bester's Farm, KwaMashu, KZN

    · 16 - 1415 Estelle Burger (27) farmer's wife kidnapped, shot dead, farm Topfontein, Bethal, MPL

    · 16 - 1414 Erasmus Wolmarans (52) (foreman) kidnapped, shot dead, Topfontein, Bethal, MPL

    · 07 - 1413 Susan van den Heever (72) killed on farm Vergenoegd, Tzaneen, MPL

    · 01 - 1412 Arthur Smith (63) throat slit, severely beaten, killed on unnamed farm, Sundra, MPL

    · 01 - 1411 Isobel Smith (61) (Arthur's wife), throat slit, severely beaten, killed, Sundra, MPL

    December 2001

    · 22 - 1410 Alfred Maritz (31) shot dead in smallholding attack by three men, Erasmia, GT

    · 12 - 1409 Nicholas Katonis (78) killed, charred remains found, unnamed farm, Muldersdrift GT

    · 12 - 1408 Rula Katonis (67) (Nicholas's wife) charred remains found, farm, Muldersdrift, GT

    · 09 - 1407 Danie Ludwig Deetleefs (70) killed on farm Almondale, EC

    November 2001

    · 24 - 1406 Bongiwe Xhaba (11) shot dead on farm Uitkyk by security guard, Vryheid, KZN

    · 15 - 1405 David Johannes Theron (54) killed on farm Saltana Oord, Karos, NC

    · 06 - 1404 Martie van Biljon missing from her farm since 1 Sept found dead, Badplaas, MPL

    October 2001

    · 30 - 1403 Sithembele Mcinyana - 1 of 6 farm workers attacked their farmer, 3 shot dead, EC

    · 30 - 1402 Solly Mhlaba - 1 of 6 farm workers who attacked their farmer, 3 shot dead, EC

    · 30 - 1401 Toto Ntetha - 1 of 6 farm workers who attacked their farmer, 3 shot dead, EC

    · 25 - 1400 Craig Painter (38) killed on unnamed farm, Erasmia, Pretoria, GT

    · 25 - 1399 Marie Jansen van Vuuren (72) killed on farm Broekmansfontein, Groot Marico, LP

    · 25 - 1398 Loek Jansen van Vuuren (73) Marie's husband (died 2 mths later), Broekmansfontein, LP

    · 22 - 1397 Murial Taggart (60) killed on farm Haartebeestbult, Newcastle, KZN

    · 15 - 1396 Lynette Jooste (40) killed (daughter Yolanda 16 critical), Kromdraai, GT

    · 15 - 1395 Ilse Jooste (14) (Lynette's daughter) killed (sister Yolanda 16 critical) Kromdraai, GT

    · 14 - 1394 Desmond Cloete (76) killed on farm Happy Valley, Barkley East, EC

    · 06 - 1393 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1392 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1391 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1390 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1389 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1388 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    · 06 - 1387 1 of 7 unidentified bodies (including 1 infant) found dead on unnamed farm, KZN

    September 2001

    · 15 - 1386 Stephanus Stols killed on unnamed farm, White River, MPL

    · 15 - 1385 Thelma Stols (Stephanus's wife) killed on unnamed farm, White River, MPL

    · 11 - 1384 Prof. Liz Ploughmann (50) tortured/killed on Masekhane community farm, Paarl, WC

    · 02 - 1383 Joachim Hermanus Hanekom killed on unnamed farm, Franschhoek, WC

    · 01 - 1382 Jan Bredenkamp killed on unnamed farm, Vredefort, FS

    · 01 - 1381 Ronald van Biljon killed (wife Martie missing - dead?), unnamed farm, Badplaas, MPL

    August 2001

    · 25 - 1380 Francesca (Kleintjie) van der Nest (44) killed on farm Suikervlei, Vrede, FS

    · 15 - 1379 Chris van den Heever (80) killed on farm Vorentoe, Naboomspruit, LP

    · 09 - 1378 Wessel Grobler (37) killed with a shotgun on unnamed farm, White River, MPL

    · 04 - 1377 Johan Stapelberg (40) killed on unnamed farm, Boons, NW

    · 04 - 1376 Hendrik Daniel Uys (39) (Stapelberg's brother-in-law) killed on farm, Boons, NW

    July 2001

    · 29 - 1375 Hester Magdalena Olivier (55) killed, farm Lenterus, Twee Rivieren, Joubertina, WC

    · 28 - 1374 Carina Sussana Muller (88) strangled/killed, unnamed farm, Schweizer-Reneke, NW

    · 27 - 1373 Johan le Grange tortured to death on farm Kalbasfontein, Witbank, MPL

    · 23 - 1372 Ronald Laaper killed on farm Misty Hills, Waterval Boven, MPL

    · 17 - 1371 Michael van Rooyen killed on unnamed farm, Potchefstroom, NW

    · 17 - 1370 Keith McCabe (40) (missing 5yr declared dead) Compasberg, Nieuw Bethesda, EC

    · 16 - 1369 Herman Winkelmann (71) killed on unnamed farm, King Williams Town, EC

    · 10 - 1368 Unnamed farmer (70) shot dead by wood-gatherers, farm Toitskraal, Marblehall, MPL

    June 2001

    · 28 - 1367 Johannes Lodewikus van Heerden (41) killed on unkown farm, Delareyville, NW

    · 26 - 1366 Christo Pikaan killed (farm attack critic & manager), Spioenkop, Grabouw, WC

    · 24 - 1365 Lwayiphi Monise killed on farm Swallow's Farm, Stutterheim, EC

    · 24 - 1364 Nokwayiyo Killton (Lwayiphi Monise's wife) killed on Swallow's Farm, Stutterheim, EC

    · 10 - 1363 Tonie de Necker (85) shot dead on farm, Schuinshoeck, Pietersburg, NP

    · 10 - 1362 Nellie de Necker (81) (Tonie's wife) strangled, farm Schuinshoeck, Pietersburg, NP

    · 10 - 1361 Jannie Meiring (67) stabbed to death on farm Prospect, Senekal, FS

    · 06 - 1360 Gert Nel Kleinbegin killed on unnamed farm near Bloemfontein, FS

    · 01 - 1359 Jan Visser (41) shot dead on farm Op-die-Berg, Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres, WC

    · 01 - 1358 Liezette Visser (33) (Jannie's wife) shot dead, Op-die-Berg, Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres, WC

    · 01 - 1357 Petros Schoonwinkel (33) shot dead on farm Diepkloof, Groblersdal, MPL

    · 01 - 1356 Marika Schoonwinkel (30) (Daniel's wife) shot dead on farm Diepkloof, Groblersdal, MPL

    May 2001

    · 31 - 1355 William Dennis (65) killed on farm Yellowwoods, King Williams Town, EC

    · 31 - 1354 Shirley Dennis (64) (William's wife) killed, Yellowwoods, King Williams Town, EC

    · 31 - 1353 Dennis Peters killed on unnamed Sterkfontein world heritage site farm, GT

    · 27 - 1352 Theo van Niekerk killed on farm Geluksberg, district unnamed, KZN

    · 05 - 1351 Gustav Gallasz (75) beaten to death on farm Kosterfontein, Magaliesburg, GT

    · 04 - 1350 Gawie van der Merwe (55) killed on farm Syfertfontein, Hartbeesfontein, NW

    · 04 - 1349 Dorothea van der Merwe (48) (Gawie's wife) killed, Hartbeesfontein, NW

    · 04 - 1348 Wilfred Oellermann (78) killed on unnamed farm, Babanango, KZN

    · 01 - 1347 Griet van der Westhuizen (75) killed on farm Smaldeel, Parys, FS

    April 2001

    · 25 - 1346 Bob Green torched to death on smallholding, Meyerton, NW

    · 25 - 1345 Joy Green (Bob's wife) torched to death on smallholding, Meyerton, NW

    · 16 - 1344 Annemarie Viljoen (23) killed on farm Haakdoringhoewe, Pretoria, GT

    · 05 - 1343 Barend Pienaar killed on a smallholding, De Deur, Vereeniging, GT

    · 01 - 1342 Irene Holder killed on unnamed farm, Greylingstad, LP

    March 2001

    · 31 - 1341 Amos Nkuna (41) (farm labourer) killed on farm Karino, Nelspruit, MPL

    · 31 - 1340 Irene Botha (53) killed on unnamed farm, Greylingstad, LP

    · 27 - 1339 Nicholas Janse van Rensburg (35) killed on farm Rooikoppies, Marikana, Groot Marico, NW

    · 27 - 1338 Hester Janse van Rensburg (Nicholas's mother - died later), Marikana, Groot Marico, NW

    · 26 - 1337 Pieter Raats (52) killed on farm Mooinooi, Groenfontein, near Groot Marico, NW

    · 25 - 1336 Kevin McGregor killed on Bloemvlei farm, Elliott, EC

    · 25 - 1335 Lu McGregor (Kevin's wife) killed on Bloemvlei farm, Elliot, EC

    · 11 - 1334 Willie du Plessis (73) killed on unnamed farm, Greylingstad, LP

    · 06 - 1333 John Ernest Partridge (75) killed on unnamed farm, Port Edward, KZN

    · 06 - 1332 Willie du Plessis killed on unnamed farm, Greylingstad, LP

    February 2001

    · 18 - 1331 Colin Webster (70) bludgeoned to death on unnamed farm, Richmond, KZN

    · 09 - 1330 Mabheta Mtembu (Mavis & Sindiswa's relative) killed, unnamed farm, KZN

    · 09 - 1329 Mavis Mtembu (Mabheta & Sindiswa's relative) killed, unnamed farm, KZN

    · 09 - 1328 Sindiswa Mtembu (Mabheta & Mavis's relative) killed, unnamed farm, KZN

    · 08 - 1327 May Rush killed on unnamed farm, Queenstown, EC

    · 02 - 1326 Ismail Abrahams killed on farm Groot Drakensteyn, Boland, WC

    · 02 - 1325 Mariam Abrahams (Ismail's wife) killed on farm Groot Drakensteyn, Boland, WC

    January 2001

    · 26 - 1324 Petrus J Potgieter killed on farm Lindleyspoort, Pretoria, GT

    · 26 - 1323 Andre Boucher Jr killed on unnamed farm, Fochville, Carletonville, NW

    · 26 - 1322 Dawid H van Rooyen killed on unnamed farm, Lichtenburg, NW

    · 21 - 1321 Herman Jones killed on farm Klipplatsdrift, Standerton, MPL

    · 20 - 1320 Martie Scheepels killed on unnamed farm, MacClear, EC

    · 20 - 1319 Andries Botha, killed on farm Tandala, unnamed district, EC

    · 16 - 1318 Jeanne Kriel (38) killed on farm Plot 76, Kromdraai, Witbank, MPL

    · 15 - 1317 Malcolm Potgieter killed on unnamed farm, White River, MPL

    · 10 - 1316 Claudio Sena killed on farm Rietfontein, Vaal Triangle, NW

    · 02 - 1315 Percy van Zyl killed on farm, Hoopenberg, Muldersvlei, WC

    · 02 - 1314 Dr Loretta van Zyl (Percy's) killed on farm Hoopenberg, Muldersvlei, WC

    · 02 - 1313 Gieljam van Aardt shot by Soweto youths, died next day, Hartswater farm, NW

    December 2000

    · 20 - 1312 Huntley Vivian Kirby killed on unnamed farm, Natal Midlands, KZN

    · 19 - 1311 Muziwamandla Khuzwayo (night-watchman) killed on farm Ashtone, Umhlali, KZN

    · 14 - 1310 Flip Cronje killed on unnamed farm, Koster, NW

    · 13 - 1309 Alet Roux (farm murder investigator/journalist) killed, unnamed farm, Riversdale, WC

    · 12 - 1308 Martin Walsh (77) killed on farm Ingwelala, Hekpoort, GT

    · 11 - 1307 Zwelikhulu Seti Moyeni killed on unnamed farm, Port Alfred, EC

    · 06 - 1306 Stefanie van Balen killed on unnamed farm, Bela-bela (previously Warmbaths), LP

    November 2000

    · 21 - 1305 Mr De Lange (66) shot dead on plot 42 Grootvlei, Hammanskraal, GT

    · 19 - 1304 Gertruide Diedericks (60) killed on farm Baviaanskloof, Volksrust, MPL

    · 16 - 1303 Johannes Botha (58) shot & killed on farm Rietfontein, Maartenshoop, MPL

    · 16 - 1302 Jose Freitas (63) shot & killed on farm (Exotica Nursery), Nelspruit, MPL

    · 05 - 1301 Justin Killian killed on unnamed farm, Barberton, MPL

    · 05 - 1300 Jan Bezuidenhout (80) killed on farm Vogelfontein, Breyten, MPL

    · 05 - 1299 Anna Bezuidenhout (76) (Jan's wife) killed on farm Vogelfontein, Breyten, MPL

    · 05 - 1298 Unnamed farmer (name withheld by police), Groot Marico district, LP

    · 05 - 1297 Unnamed farmer (name withheld by police), Groot Marico district, LP

    · 01 - 1296 Mr Mitchell (43) murdered on plot San Michells, Atlantis, WC

    October 2000

    · 28 - 1295 Ms Stobia (55) shot & killed on plot NA2 Grootfontein, Marikana, NW

    · 27 - 1294 Dr Jurie Geldenhuys (52) shot & killed on farm Rietfontein, Hartbeesfontein, NW

    · 26 - 1293 Unnamed farmer (30) (SAP withheld name) killed, unnamed farm, Trichardtdal, MPL

    · 26 - 1292 Mr Sihole (69) a herdsman, shot dead on farm Niekerkskraal, Wasbank, KZN

    · 14 - 1291 Mr Spanenberg (67) tortured & shot dead on plot 100 Boden Str. Benoni, GT

    · 25 - 1290 Ms Spanenberg (32) (Mr Spanenberg's daughter) shot dead on plot, Benoni, GT

    · 14 - 1289 Francois du Toit killed on unnamed farm, Koppies, FS

    · 17 - 1288 Mr Ngwenya (32) found dead on farm Elandskloof, Belfast, MPL

    · 04 - 1287 Unnamed farmer tortured to death on unnamed farm, Hammanskraal, GT

    · 01 - 1286 Mr Oosthuizen (76) found beaten to death on plot 123 Klipdrift, Hammanskraal, GT

    September 2000

    · 28 - 1285 Johannes Lodewikus van Heerden (41) killed on unnamed farm, Delareyville, NW

    · 26 - 1284 Mrs Hlengwa (45) murdered (throat slit) on farm Pronobis, Elandslaagte, KZN

    · 26 - 1283 Gabisile Hlengwa (8) (Mrs Hlengwa's child) murdered, farm Pronobis, Elandslaagte, KZN

    · 24 - 1282 Carlo van Litsenborgh (69) & his dog killed on farm Sanice, Klapmuts, WC

    · 24 - 1281 William Skinner & his dog killed on farm Toitskraal, Groblersdal, MPL

    · 20 - 1280 Ms Nkabinde (56) raped & strangled to death on farm Peachill, Dannhauser, KZN

    · 19 - 1279 1 of 3 Madide brothers (first-name unknown) killed, unnamed farm, Gluckstadt, KZN

    · 19 - 1278 1 of 3 Madide brothers (first-name unknown) killed, unnamed farm, Gluckstadt, KZN

    · 19 - 1277 1 of 3 Madide brothers (first-name unknown) killed, unnamed farm, Gluckstadt, KZN

    · 14 - 1276 S G Naude (68) killed on farm Olyfenkloof, Jamestown, EC

    · 14 - 1275 Mrs C Janse-van Vuuren (71) killed on farm Olyfenkloof, Jamestown, EC

    · 14 - 1274 Mrs H Niehaus killed on unnamed farm, Worcester, WC

    · 11 - 1273 Mr E Engelbrecht shot & killed on plot De Kroon, Brits, NW

    · 07 - 1272 Cedric Biggs killed on unnamed farm, Albany, EC

    · 07 - 1271 Unnamed farmer (82) (tortured/killed/body dumped in well) on farm, Koffiefontein, FS

    · 06 - 1270 Isabel Louw Hartzenberg killed on unnamed farm, district and province unnamed

    · 06 - 1269 Petrus Cordier killed on unnamed farm, Wesselsbron, FS

    · 06 - 1268 Dina Cordier (75) (Petrus's wife) killed on unnamed farm, Wesselsbron, FS

    · 01 - 1267 1 of 2 farm workers shot & killed with AK47 rifle on farm Brucklay, Harburg, KZN

    · 01 - 1266 1 of 2 farm workers shot & killed with AK47 rifle on farm Brucklay, Harburg, KZN

    · 01 - 1265 Mr Botes (31) shot & killed on farm Vergenoegd, Swartruggens, NW

    August 2000

    · 27 - 1264 Susanna Smit killed on unnamed farm, Delmas, GT

    · 20 - 1263 Willem Kritzinger killed on unnamed farm, district unnamed, EC

    · 20 - 1262 Albie Kritzinger (Willem's wife) killed on unnamed farm, district unnamed, EC

    · 18 - 1261 Ms E Powell killed on unnamed farm, Balfour, MPL

    · 14 - 1260 Mr Graham (59) shot & killed with R4 rifle on farm Tuschenbei, Utrecht, KZN

    · 14 - 1259 Willie Marais (83) (poodle also killed) killed on farm Klipkraal, Citrusdal, WC

    · 14 - 1258 Anna Marais (75) (Willie's wife) killed on farm Klipkraal, Citrusdal, WC

    · 08 - 1257 D Keith (chicken farmer) strangled to death on farm Florida, Port Edward, KZN

    · 06 - 1256 Dr M Theron (retired doctor) killed on farm Leeupoort, Heilbron, FS

    · 06 - 1255 P Richter (78) murdered (money & a sheep stolen) on plot 498, Karos, Upington, NC

    July 2000

    · 31 - 1254 G Grootendorf killed on unnamed farm, unnamed district, Pretoria, GT

    · 31 - 1253 D Gownden tortured to death on unnamed farm, Umkomaas, KZN

    · 29 - 1252 E Schmidt shot in neck & killed by 2 hitchhikers on farm Wykom, Louwsberg, KZN

    · 27 - 1251 R Wholberg (66) shot & killed on farm Simbria, Helpmekaar, KZN

    · 27 - 1250 Mr Gootendorst (37) shot dead on plot 77 Kaalfontein, Rayton, GT

    · 27 - 1249 Mr Van Rensburg shot dead on plot in Baart Road, Raslow, Centurion, GT

    · 20 - 1248 C F de Witt (63) beaten to death on farm Kliprandkloof, Danhauser, KZN

    · 19 - 1247 Mr De Beer found murdered in a plantation on his farm Rustplaas, Piet Retief, MPL

    · 15 - 1246 Mr Mphasa shot dead on plot 158 Swartkoos, Muldersdrift, GT

    · 09 - 1245 Topson Zwelibona Ncube (41) shot dead, plot 33, Jackaroo, Mpumalanga, Witbank, MPL

    · 06 - 1244 Carel Engelbrecht found murdered on farm Hawerford, Paterson, FS

    June 2000

    · 18 - 1243 Mr Rabe (28) reported missing, shot dead on farm Wydgelegen, Wakkerstroom, MPL

    · 09 - 1242 Mr Cele a farm worker, shot dead whilst working on farm Jammersaal, Kranskop, KZN

    · 08 - 1241 Mr de Nysschen (64) found beaten to death on farm Twee Buffels, Coligny, NW

    · 05 - 1240 Mr Strick (79) shot dead with own shotgun on farm Roodepoortjie, Ogies, MPL

    · 04 - 1239 Mr Van der Woude (75) stabbed & shot dead on farm Steynsdraai, Roossenekal, MPL

    May 2000

    · 31 - 1238 Unnamed farmer found dead on their farm, King William's Town, EC

    · 31 - 1237 Unnamed farmer's wife found dead on their farm, King William's Town, EC

    · 30 - 1236 Mrs Scholtz (70) found by husband shot dead on farm Goudplaas, Amalia, NW

    · 29 - 1235 Mr Henderson (44) beaten to death on Hunters Farm, Hekpoort, GT

    · 17 - 1234 Mrs Volgraaf (54) killed in attack on farm, Volgraafsig, Groblershoop, NC

    · 15 - 1233 Mr Butt (62) fatally shot by robbers on farm Mooiplaas, East London, EC

    · 11 - 1232 Mrs Radloff attacked & murdered on farm Waterfall, Ficksburg, FS

    · 10 - 1231 Mr Alchin (61) died in shootout with 3 robbers, Geduldsfontein, Rocklands, PE, EC

    · 09 - 1230 Mrs Lubbe shot in face and killed on farm Peagan Place, Estcourt, KZN

    · 04 - 1229 Mr Summers (35) shot dead on farm Carlottes, Hazyview, MPL

    · 03 - 1228 Mr Ras shot & killed on farm Kromhoek, Wakkerstroom, MPL

    April 2000

    · 25 - 1227 Hannes Aldum (61) shot dead by unknown gunmen on farm Aona, Tshipise, LP

    · 10 - 1226 Mr Kloeck (72) beaten to death on plot Doornrandjies, Erasmia, Pretoria, GT

    July 1999

    · 29 - 1225 Dina Buys shot dead with AK47 on farm Geluksrus, Middelrus, Mooi River, KZN

    · 29 - 1224 Piet Erasmus shot dead with AK47 on farm Geluksrus, Middelrus, Mooi River, KZN

    December 1997

    · 29 - 1223 Frans Janse van Rensburg (27) bludgeoned on farm Komkommerhoek, Steynsberg, FS

    · 02 - 1222 Gerhard Scheepers (53) strangled and shot on farm Klipkrans, MPL

    · 02 - 1221 Nelie Scheepers (52) tortured and shot on farm Klipkrans, MPL

    September 1997

    · 03 - 1220 Richard Hardy (42) shot dead by bogus "roadworkers", Babango area, KZN

    February 1987

    · 06 - ???? Mr Matheus Palvie (63) beaten to death Leeukloof farm, Cradock, EC

    · 06 - ???? Mrs Jeanette Palvie (54) wife of Matheus beaten to death Leeukloof farm, Cradock, EC

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    And with that, I take leave of you. Creating this page was a sickening experience.


    Since the ANC came to power in 1994, 1600 farmers have been murdered in over 8000 farm attacks. A farmer has been murdered, on average, once every second day for ten years.

    There has been an average of 77 farm attacks per month. The murder rate of South African commercial farmers is the highest for any specific group in the world 313 per 100 000. The murder rate amongst the general population is officially 55 per 100 000 (In Europe the murder rate is 2 per 100 000).

    Two of the hallmarks of farm murders in South Africa during the last ten years have been the horrible torture perpetrated on many of the victims and the sadistic cruelty to animals which is reminiscent of the Mau Mau terrorist campaign in Kenya in the 1950's. The sheer savagery of the extremely brutal attacks include: an elderly farmer whose head was opened by an axe; a lady of 84 who was repeatedly raped; a year old baby set alight; farmers strangled, garrotted; mutilated, dumped into boiling water, suffocated, slashed with pangas, repeatedly stabbed, tortured with a heated iron; etc.

    In farm murders extreme violence is widespread. If women are present, they are generally raped. Torture is now fairly routine – cruelty to animals pervasive.

    The question about farm murders is “why?” The government's standard approach is to declare that most farm murders and attacks are simply criminal. But Professor Moolman points out the following:

    •Why are the attacks and murders on farms so premeditated, while statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of murders in South Africa are related to alcohol, drug abuse, and interpersonal and domestic conflict?

    •Why are farm attacks so extremely brutal, which is not the case with the majority of murders in South Africa?

    •Why are farm attacks and murders mostly black on white, while this is not necessarily the case in the rest of South Africa? If theft is the most important motive, why are thousands of black shop owners not brutalised remotely as much during attacks by gangs as is the white farming community?

    •Why are farmers constantly accused of mistreating their workers, thus precipitating farm attacks, while the Helen Suzman Foundation found that 93% of farm workers indicate their relationship with their employer is good?

    • Why have bad socio-economic conditions become the reason for attacks, while it is acknowledged that bad socio-economic conditions existed before 1994 in black communities.

    Professor Moolman details cases of “senseless killing” where criminals waited at the farm house without taking anything in order to ambush, torture and kill the farmer and his wife on their return home. In other cases the farmer's family was held hostage until he returned. Some criminals have travelled vast distances to attack people on farms. Racial slogans at the crime scene are commonplace. Clearly robbery is not the main motive for farm attacks. Many farmers conclude: “They want to drive us from our land.”

    The accompanying problems of intimidation, crop and stock theft, illegal squatting and expropriation legislation all would seem to confirm this conclusion.

    “When four members of your family have been murdered on your farm, it is not really an attractive proposition anymore. When you see what has happened to Zimbabwe's commercial farming community…When your grazing is burned out four times a year, when your crops and stock are stolen, when you can do little to stop squatter invasions on what is after all your private property, and when your chances of being slaughtered in your home are the greatest in the world, why bother!”

    With this background, it is understandable that many farmers are regarding the dismantling of the commando system, and the new Firearms Control Act as precursors to disarming the farmers and Zimbabwean style land invasions.

    From The Great South African Land Scandal, by Dr Phillip du Toit.
    Available from:


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    This is a blog that was created to help the white struggle in South Africa to survive the communist onslaught by the ruling ANC regime to erradicate everything that is white in S.A. This is a blog created to ask for international help to stop the white genocide in S.A- the farm murders, corruption, black on white racism, nepotism, clandistine operations against whites, land grabs, personal disownment, hi-jacks- and unneccesary slaughter of feeble old people by gangs of illegal aliens imported by the ANC to do just that.



    All whites has to be erradicated from all levels in the country, whether it is financially, schooling, sports, work- you call it- whites are eliminated and excluded by force. The ANC has their "Diplomatic" terms for it- Affirmative action, BEE, Quotas, Equity acts, Land Distribution, etc, etc- but their bottom goal is to clean Africa from whites! Hundreds of aliens are welcome to work, stay- and vote in SA- so long they do not appear in their WHITE pajamas- otherwise- they are free to enter and get all the royalties SA can offer. White citizens in SA can only get ONE royalty the regime has to offer: The royalty of leaving SA!

    Uncanny -isn't it: The ANC- mostly aliens themselves- are now alienating true SA citizens- and claiming the country belongs to THEM ( Sounds very much parasitic to me)

    This Blog also want to show the world what type and caliber our so-called "government" really are- the thievery, banality, corruption, denails, communism, witch hunts, racism, hate speeches agains whites, "don't care" attitudes, gravy train riding, cliques , lavish money spending, exauburant salaries and many more attrocities under the banner of "Democracy."
    Never in the history of this country- was there such an esculation of crime, corruption and "high profile"-if you can attach that term- arrests as when this corrupt regime took over.

    Since the ANC international supported hi-jack of SA- everything falls apart- and are in shambles: The Defence Force, Education, Medical sector, Police Force, City Councels, Airports, Borders...and about everything that is being run by an ANC deligate. Now the ONE unit that actually made a success- The Scorpions- are to be dismantled because too many ANC "comrades" are caught for corruption- and sent to jail, where they belong. Zuma and his corruption with Shabir Sheik- after he just-just missed jail for rape, and Mbeki and the top clique for having a couple of front companies where millions of rands are swooping through.

    We also remembered the Scorpions zeroing-in on other top criminals like Jackie Selebe (So-Called Police Commisioner), The Parliamentary Flygate bunch, Crooked Toni Yengeni (M.E.C), Mantho Tshabalala Msimang and her ex-Botswana corruption history when she ran away, Pnuel Maduna and the millions of litres of oil he sold and deposit the takings in ANC accounts, Nkosana Zuma and the cool 50 million donated for AIDS she squandered, The Vice president and her 40 thousand she spent on a luxury holiday from taxpayer's funds and so-on and so-on. The list just keep on growing. NOW you know why the elite unit HAS to be stopped- otherwise SA will sit without a government by the end of 2008...all back in jail where most came from!! We will not even go down in history as far as '94 when other criminal ANC "high-ups" like Winnie "Necklace" Mandella and her "soccer team" rattled the ANC beloved liberal world with the Stompie Sepei murder- one she did not even go to jail for- and her thousands of rands of debt!

    We do not even talk of Mr. Robert McBride of the Mangoo's Bar bomb slaugter- who was found guilty- sat 3 wonderful years in prison, became Mbeki's attache in Chille- and now SECURITY CHIEF- again in court for "Marxist" tipe of rule in the councel, corruption- and drunk while driving. One of these days there will be more ANC top-hats in jail that common criminals!! Now the Scorpions are dismantled for doing their job too good- instead of the whole ANC parliament being fired!!!

    Currently- SA is being run by Lethuli house, The millions of unions, the Communist Party, thousands of ANC affiliated "Groups & Leagues- and the top ANC clique.

    SA has three unconditional laws since the ANC took hold of our system:


    Thus the reason why capital punishment was abolished by the ruling regime- they were too scared that should the death penalty stay- most of their comrades would've been wiped out- it is a natural common way of life in Africa. If something stands in your way of progress- be a natural warrior- and kill it. Young Africans are taught to rape virgins to cure themselves from aids. You can't steal- you just take what you want/need. Nothing wrong in participating in the above three catogories, because all blacks have "Ubuntu"(Goodness) in them- so- you have no evil in you.(That is reserved for whites.)

    We hope that those 'Free the ANC" liberal movements and past as well as current donators will open their eyes to the horrible reality in S.A- not only are S.A whites slaughered- but also white tourists from YOUR countries. Please wake-up- and stop your donations to this ruling racist regime.

    If you are still unsure of the situation- please do what you are so good at: Send in the camera troops unnoticed for- say 3 weeks (Just tell them to hold on tight to their cameras, equipment and cellphones)....and see for yourself the deterrioration of a country that once was a leader in many technologies. You murdered our country for your own personal gain- so, if you have any concious left- stop this bullying non-functional government now! Remember- this is not SA anymore....THIS IS NOW GANGLAND, and we are ruled by the norm of this new system- Crime, corruption, murder, rape....and o- I forgot- GOVERNMENT DENAIL AT ALL TIMES!


    End of an Era

    The first-hand testimony by former combatants of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) about the cruel ANC prison regime are an event in South African history. Never before has such concentrated factual evidence been presented about the inner nature of the ANC and its eminence grise, the South African Communist Party.

    The ANC/SACP did a very good job in preventing public knowledge of its secret history from emerging. Those who survived the Gulag system of the ANC/SACP did so knowing that to reveal what they had been through meant re-arrest, renewed tortures and in all probability, death. They had to sign a form committing them to silence!

    KGB-directed torture chambers led to suicides...

    These ex-detainces in Nairobi have revealed that other prisoners, including Leon Madakeni, star of the South African film Wanaka, as well as Nomhlanhla Makhuba and another person known as Mark, committed suicide rather than suffer re-arrest at the hands of their KGB-trained guardians. Madakeni drove a tractor up a steep incline in Angola, put it into neutral and died as it somersaulted down the hill ...

    • The ex-guerrillas in Nairobi displayed immense courage in speaking out publicly - their courage might have contributed to secure the lives of eight colleagues who had fled Tanzania through Malawi hoping to reach South Africa on the principle that better a South African jail than the ANC 'security.'
    • This group, including two leaders of the mutiny in the ANC camps in Angola in 1984, arrived in South Africa in April, were immediately detained at Jan Smuts Airport by the security police for interrogation, and then released three weeks later.
    • The day after their release they gave a press conference in Johannesburg, confirming the account of the mutiny published on this page.

    This regimen of terror, extending beyond the gates of the ANC/SACP `Buchenwald' of Quadro, was a necessary element in the total practice of repression and deception which made the Anti-Apartheid Movement the most successful Popular Front lobby for Stalinism anywhere in the world.

    • No international Stalinist-run public organization has ever had such an influence and shown such stability, reaching into so many major countries, for so long
    • Vital to its success has been a practice of open and covert censorship The ANC's prisoners were its necessary sacrificial-victims.

    The KGB in Africa
    The prison system to which they were subject goes back to the late 1960s. It was the successor and the complement to the prison system on which blacks in South Africa are weaned with their mothers' milk.

    • In 1969 one of the editors of this journal met two South Africans in London who said they had fought in the first MK guerrilla operation in mid-1967 - a disastrous fiasco across the Zambezi River into the Wankie area of Rhodesia, along with guerrillas from the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), then led by James Chikerema.
    • (The ZAPU president, Joshua Nkomo, was in detention).
    • The two men described how they had eventually succeeded in escaping from Rhodesia, and how their criticism of the operation had led to their imprisonment in an ANC camp in Tanzania.
    • An article on the theme appeared the same year in the British radical newspaper Black Dwarf then edited by Tariq Ali.

    The revelations by the Nairobi five indicate how little has changed. In his book on black politics in South Africa since 1945, Tom Lodge, (Black politics in South Africa Since 1945, Ravan, 1987), writes:

    In 1968 a batch of Umkhonto defectors from camps in Tanzania sought asylum in Kenya, alleging that there was widespread dissatisfaction within the camps. They accused their commanders of extravagant living and ethnic favouritism. The first Rhodesian mission, they alleged, was a suicide mission to eliminate dissenters. In political discussions no challenge to a pro-Soviet position was allowed (p300).

    • From 1968 to 1990, nothing basic altered in the ANC's internal regime in the camps, except that in the high noon of the Brezhnev era it operated para-statal powers under civil war conditions in Angola, where a large Cuban and Soviet presence permitted the ANC security apparatus to 'bestride the narrow world like a Colossus.'

    From the account of the ex-mutineers, ANC administrative bodies ruled over its elected bodies, the security department ruled over the administrative organs, and KGB-trained officials - no doubt members of the SACP - ruled over the security apparatus.

    • Umkhonto we Sizwe functioned as an extension in Africa of the KGB.
    • Its role in the civil war in Angola was to serve primarily as a surrogate to Soviet foreign policy interests, so that when the ANC rebels proposed that their fight be diverted to South Africa this counted as unpardonable cheek, to be ruthlessly punished.
    • Over its own members, the ANC security apparatus ruled with all the arrogance of a totalitarian power.

    There is a direct line of connection between the ANC reign of terror in its prisons - which a UN High Commission for Refugees official described as more frightening than Swapo prisons - and the 'necklace' killings exercised by ANC supporters within South Africa, especially during the period of the 1984-86 township revolt, but now once again revived against oppositional groupings such as Azapo.

    • (The ANC's' necklace' politics was also a definite contributory element provoking the carnage in Natal). Two former ANC prisoners, Similo Boltina and his wife Nosisana, were in fact necklaced on their return to South Africa in 1986, after having been repatriated by the Red Cross (letter from Bandile Ketelo, 9 April 1990).

    • This is the significance of the `Winnie issue.'
    • When leaders of the Mass Democratic Movement publicly expressed their 'outrage’ at Winnic Mandela's 'obvious complicity’ in the abduction and assault on 14 year-old Stompie Mocketsi Seipe, leading to his murder, this was in response to very widespread and very well-founded revulsion among Soweto residents - especially ANC supporters such as members of the Federation of Transvaal Women (Fetraw).
    • They were enraged by the jackboot politics of the so-called Mandela United Football Team, whose 'coach` - to the satisfaction of Fetraw members - has been convicted of Stompie's murder.
    • This squad of thugs, based in Mrs Mandela’s house, acted within Soweto in the same way that the ANC/SACP security acted abroad, in Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Uganda.

    The welcome of Captain Dirk Coetzee, head of the regime's assassination squad, into the arms of the ANC is an indication of the future course of development, as is the decision by the new Swapo government in Namibia to appoint a number of top South African security policemen, including the former chief of police in the Ovambo region, Derek Brune, to head its secret organs of coercion.

    The South African prison system was replicated in the ANC prisons even into everyday terminology, above all at Quadro. This is a name that requires to become common currency in political discourse: it is the Portuguese for `No.4' the name used throughout South Africa for the notorious black section of the prison at the Fort.

    Sneers by warders at soft conditions in 'Five Star Hotels', the common description of punishment cells as 'kulukudu' and the whole atmosphere of brutal crassness is quintessentially South African, spiced with the added sadism of the Gulag. The ANC prison system combined the worst of South African and of Russian conditions fused together, and it is this new social type - as a refinement and augmentation of each - that is now offered to the people of South Africa as the symbol of freedom.

    Read the entire terrifying tale here:

    READ one of the original ANC reports on:


    KwaMashu, still my home"-- Hate-speech movie against Asians and Whites features ANC-leader Zuma:

    April 7 2008 - By Adriana Stuijt. The following You-Tube film extract is from an upcoming documentary KWA MASHU: STILL MY HOME, directed by the African-American anti-slavery filmmaker Owen 'Alik Shahadah.

    It was produced by the South African business K-CAP and UK business Halaqah Films together with the African Holocaust Society.

    Owen 'Alik Shahadah, who refers to South Africa as "Azania", is actively engaged in spreading hate-speech among blacks with his films, targetting Asians and whites in South Africa, grotesquely even claiming that "South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control'...

    He writes:

    "South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control... across the board there is always a white face holding senior rank, might it be Zulu lodges, private game reserves, tour operators, hoteliers, all exclusively non-African. And to add to this the Africans employed do not hold any managerial positions...

    "On any given day in Durban it is possible to see large exclusive congregation of Asians around central social business spots like restaurants. A brief tour of Durban shows a stark monopoly of supermarket ownership, restaurants, practically everything that is worth owning. Even the small one-man street vendor trades are dominated by them. And now with the “death” of Apartheid the European and Asian business are venturing into the townships, the heart of the African community, and setting-up large business...

    He is an avid supporter of Jacob Zuma, new leader of the African National Congress ruling party, and who is widely seen as the future new president of S.Africa.


    March 16 2008 - The black residents association of this state-owned apartment building in Mafikeng who posted this sign still insist that 'they aren't racists - they just don't want any whites to buy into the building...'

    Read the entire sad tale here:

    Senior ANC MP makes death-threat gesture to white MP

    The woman in this picture is the ruling ANC party's parliamentarian Winkie Direko, caught in the act of making an offensive death-threat gesture to the Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard in the SA parliament. Winkie is the former premier of the Free State. The parliament was in session at the time.

    March 5 2008 - CAPE TOWN. The Democratic Alliance opposition party has laid a charge against Winkie Direko, the former premier of the Free State, after the ANC-MP made an very offensive death-threat gesture at DA MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard during a sitting of parliament.

    Direko drew her finger across her throat (see pictures above) when Kohler Barnard was asking questions of Safety & Security minister Charles Nkakula relating to the dissolution of the Scorpions police unit.

    Ian Davidson of the DA commented that Direko’s shocking gesture served to heighten racial tension and promoted hatred and anti-White violence which was already wide-spread in South Africa.


    "Racist assaults at Mercedes Benz' were a total lie - legal report finds1
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    Cope curses Sea Point ratepayer for 'a dirty white bitch', assaults, arrests her1
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    Ethnic cleansing of famous 32nd battallion families at Pomfret by ANC-regime1
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    She's just ' too white, too blonde '' for SABC-2 so Patricia Lewis is shelved1
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    Xhosas, Tswanas vow to 'fight to the death' over housing-rights in Rustenburg1
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    Doné Breedt, 19, daughter of Krugersdorp magistrate, stabbed in hijackin1
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    Afrikaans singer assaulted in Johannesburg hospital for helping elderly mom2
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    20060107 Doulien van der Merwe, opposition party candidate, shot, Mamelodi1
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    20050123 - 46 Political assassinations in South Africa since April 2004