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What It Is like to Be a White Person Today in South Africa -a view from the other side .... not from the Media Pappagalli and sycophants of OZ and the Juzis ...

This address of Rabbinovich was published in the U.S. Publication 'Common Sense', and re-published in the September issue of the Canadian Intelligence Service. Rabbi Rabbinovich speaking to an assembly in Budapest, Hungary on the 12th January 1952 stated:

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia or Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our control commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The white women must co-habit with members of the dark races, the White man with black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judiaca, and OUR RACE will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples."

What It Is like to Be a White Person Today in South Africa

There are two videos below, which I feel are worth viewing.

These videos are something that you must-see, even if you don't live in South Africa, as they help illuminate what occurs to whites in a nation when they become the clear minority. Just as in the distant past when San Domingo, the "crown jewel of the French empire" as it was once called, became known as the AIDS-pit Haiti today, more recently we also saw the same things occur in the Congo and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), too. Of course, with South Africa, it's occurring right at this moment. And, we will also see similar things occur in America's future, if present trends continue, with whites expected to be a minority by 2042, largely the result of its anti-white, spineless, and brain-dead government.

In any case, the first video below deals with what has become of many whites since "they" handed over their government to blacks (if that truly was the case and not fixed-voting, as many believe, as it's not always who votes but, rather, who counts the votes). As a result of the whites giving up their (white) government to the popular-vote (black) government, many whites, who thought they were doing the honorable thing by giving their government to blacks, are now routinely discriminated against. It's almost ironic, as many of these same whites foolishly believed that, with blacks being the majority, there would be no need for "anti-white discrimination" (which always masquerades under various euphemisms, such as "affirmative action," as if discriminating against whites is somehow positive). Such laws need to be instituted in black rule, as many blacks are incapable of competing with most whites on an equal footing. And the blacks realize this.

To the point, as shown in the video, many of these whites are now suffering. They are forced to the black squatter camps, having lost their homes. They have to dig through garbage to subsist. They rely on hand-outs, if they can get any. Perhaps, "suffer" is not the word to be used, as the amount of psychological and physical harm that is being done to them, with many whites being killed in what can only be described as acts of genocide, is indescribable. This, too, will be our fate in America, in England, in Canada, in Argentina, in Italy, in Germany--in the entire world--if we allow it.

The second video below shows a couple of white mothers, who lived privileged lifestyles. They were relatively wealthy--at least, upper middle class--and probably thought the black crime wave would never reach them. Of course, it did, when their husbands were killed. One white lady tells of how a black gunman came into their yard and shot her husband, while her white kids watched. Call me sick, but I have to wonder to myself: After all this, will she tell the truth to her children about criminal proclivities among non-whites, or will she continue on with her delusional state and say it's merely a "criminal thing," as saying it's "racial" would be too politically incorrect?

Video: South African Whites Today

Video: New South Africa - Nowhere to Run

What is equally interesting is not just the videos themselves, which uncover much suffering, but, rather, the comments people have made.

There, underneath the videos, you can see some of the bitter, lunatic, anti-white comments, with some black people obviously frothing at the mouth, waiting for the day that they too can join the insurrections and kill a few whites, just as Mandela sings about such.

We control our future. We don't have to allow this to occur. We can change things if we wish. But we really have to desire to change such things. And we have to work to change these things, with all our heart. Educating our fellow whites is a priority.

As the founding fathers said, "United, we [whites] stand; divided, we fall."

There exists in the World today what Douglas Reed calls "The Great Destructive Idea." This "Idea" is real and is more destructive, cunning, tyrannical and deadly than any intelligent, cultured and sophisticated human mind can possibly imagine. That is not to say that the Racial creators of the "Idea" are more intelligent or creative than members of any other ethnic group, but it demonstrates that they are, in fact, more primitive because of their base criminal mentality toward cruelty, cunning and barbaric behavior. Their genetic priorities have been specialized and they are the possessors of the "Genetic Criminal Gene." It is sort of like them being the Rats in Rabbit's clothing. They are, as J. Edgar Hoover said, "The Masters of Deceit."

The many peoples of the World have traditionally called them "The Miserable Strangers, The Habiri, Cut-Throats and Brigands." By whatever name they are called, these global pathological parasites have a very determined genetic propensity for what they do and is the only thing they do. More than 3,000 years of history has demonstrated that this International Race of Psychopathic Killers, who are the prime creators and promoters of "HATE" and the "Great Destructive Idea," are simply in fact THE JEWS and their trained gentile "Shabbes Goyim" accomplices.

This Criminal Race of Asiatic barbarians have infiltrated, devolved, corrupted, despoiled and now control virtually every aspect of our Social, Political, Spiritual, Emotional, Educational, Entertainment and Economic life. They have a World Government to establish on this Earth and they must destroy and remove all obstacles that stand in the way of that prime objective.

If they can gain total, tyrannical control of the global law, ("It's the Law") then all the Courts, Military, Minor-Governments, Police, Stock Markets, Banks and money on Earth are in their hands. Besides, they have a "Revenge Factor" to accomplish.

They have vowed to destroy the entire White Race because it was that "Damnable People, they said," who drove their deadly tribe from every rat hole corner of Europe in wave after wave of "Jewish Expulsions." This was done by White Northern Europeans because the "Eternal Jew" was committing the very same crimes against humanity there and then as they are doing right here and now to us in our "Modern World."

Their MO (method of operation) never changes, just their tactics. They say that the International White Race must be destroyed because we are the ONLY racialist people on Earth with the intelligence, financial resources, creativity and technical ability to annihilate this global parasite once and for all.

For most timid, apathetic, complacent and pathetic, born-again Liberal Americans, this kind of idea is absolutely and totally ridiculous insanity. But, remember what Professor VanHelsing said in the novel by Bram Stoker, "The real strength of the Vampire is that most people refuse to believe he exists." Remember that if you offend these Jewish creatures, you are immediately slandered and attacked in their "Controlled Media" as being a vicious "Hatemonger, Fascist, White Supremacist, White Separatist, Neo-Nazi Terrorist and an Anti-Semitic, White Racist Bigot. You know that if you ridicule, protest and criticize them, you will be verbally and physically brutalized in the same way they terrorize every other non-Jewish ethnic group in the World that oppose their power, cruelty and aggressive control.

The Jews are terror struck at the thought of their enemies being armed to the teeth. That is why our cowardly and gutless political leaders continually attempt to pass gun confiscation laws for their mentor administrators, the Jews. How many times have you watched on the "Jew Tube" the images of the Palestinian men and children fighting off Israeli Field Artillery, Fighter Jets, Machine guns snipers and Tanks by throwing rocks. These are the images that give real meaning to TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA ...

... Religion is just another supernatural "magic" tool or weapon of war that they have created to slowly and gradually bring about their eventual attempt at One World Government which is called THE NEW WORLD ORDER. You can disregard the Judeo/Marxist programmed leftist Liberals who say that any such dialogue is simply the ravings of another "Conspiracy Theory Whacko."

The Conspiracy of the Jews is real and it is HERE with us NOW. The Hour is Late and the time is Now for the Gentile World to educate itself once again, collect its forces and smash this timeless menace of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." The Jews are well advanced in their global program of seizure and confiscation of all the properties of all the peoples of this planet.

You will discover how the global Communist Jews orchestrated and fabricated the phony "Jewish Holocaust" war time propaganda fantasy. You will discover an enormous adventure when you begin your search for the lost not-so "Gassed, Six Million Jews."

If you are a White person, you will discover every aspect of the war of genocide directed toward you and every member of your family. You will discover the fascinating world of deadly mind altering Propaganda used by "The Masters of Deceit" to entertain your interests and steer your mental faculties away from the TRUTH IN LIFE.
"White Pride-World Wide" does not mean we "HATE" all other ethnic peoples of the World.

The White Race is the steward of life on this Earth. We have the ability to destroy every evil thing. We also have the power to save and perfect every thing imaginable as we have tried to do in the past. We have the infinite capacity for charity, love and compassion. The history of poetry, art, music and written treasures of the World have been the overwhelming products of the creative and advanced intelligence of the White Race. The Blacks know in their hearts that if the Jews succeed in their One World Enslavement policy, that all social orders on Earth will slide into unimaginable darkness and chaos.

No other success in life can compensate for your failure to serve in the survival and perpetuation of your Great White Race and for the welfare of all the people of this planet ... We play hardball because we, of the White Race, do not intend to come in second to this criminal Race of parasites. Start your high adventure RIGHT NOW!

Per e-mail recieved from Ray Earnest, USA.

Whites murdered in cold blood -This is RACE WAR!
On Wednesday night, a White guy and an Indian walked into the men's room of a Durban pub and restaurant. While standing at the urinals or the Merseyside Pub & Tavern, the drunken Indian baited the White guy with racist comments, telling him that "Indians and blacks had bigger penises than Whites did".

As they left the rest room, the White chap told his friends of the altercation and a further argument ensued between the group of five Whites and five curry munchers. Next, the coolies (of whom two are full time cops with the SAPS) left the restaurant, went home to fetch their fire arms, and then returned. They casually walked back into the Queensmead Shopping Centre restaurant in Umbilo and in cold blood shot all five White men execution-style. Two other Whites were critically wounded and are fighting for their lives in hospital.

The murdered Whites are Nick Janse Van Rensburg (57), Shawn Strydom (33) and Rory Menzies (40). Shawn Edwards (30) and Bruce Edwards (55) are seriously wounded. The five stinking coolies then casually left the restaurant, but were arrested later that night when a Durban SAPS station commander assembled a special task team to arrest them.

What is absolutely mind-blowing and further proof of the cheapness of White life in black-misruled Azania, is the fact that these samoosa-munching pieces of charra subhuman mud race **** acted with pre-meditation and in full knowledge of the consequences. Having been arrested in what is clearly a racist hate crime, they know that they will get off scot-free. All they have to do, is convince some slope-headed flatnose judge that the Whites called them racist names, and voila - they will get off with suspended sentences if not a full aquittal.

The fact that two of these murderous **** skins are full time cops with the SA Police Service exacerbates the racial nature of this crime - one would have expected at least those two to know better, but having acted with such impunity and premeditation goes to show that they fully expect to be let off the hook - which undoubtedly they will - White lives have NO value and are expendable - shall we call it retribution for Apartheid and colonialism?

Further underlining the precarious position of White people in South Africa is the utter disinterest of the MSM in reporting this shocking hate crime - Radio 702 has been giving it extensive coverage on air, but absolutely no reference is made to it on the 702 news website. A quick check on mainstream news media websites shows that only IOL had given it some publicity (deeply hidden as you have to actively search for it). Beeld gives a brief sanitised reference, but on the websites of News24, Business Day, Citizen, Cape Argus, Sunday Times / Daily Times, Mail & Guardian, The Star, The Cape Times, The Daily News and Mercury has absolutely NO REFERENCE to this incredible news story.

What does however feature prominently on every single one of these newspapers front pages is the rugby racism story - it is enjoying wall to wall coverage, as it has been for the past two weeks. Lesson learned? It's OK to kill Whites with impunity and cold-blooded pre-meditation, but don't you dare make racist statements at a rugby match!

Of course, if the shoe would have been on the other foot, and the races of the murdered & perpetrators reversed, this would have been world headlines on CNN, Sky, BBC etc. Further proof that the vicious White-hating MSM themselves provides the raison d'etre for the existence of blogs such as South Africa Sucks.

On behalf of SA Sucks bloggers, readers and those few Whites who still care about their race, we offer our heart-felt condolences to the families and friends of Nick, Shawn and Rory. May these ******* cane-cutting subhuman charra murderers be rounded up by a White lynch mob and publicly hanged, after which their stinking corpses be chopped into pieces and burned in oil drums while their wives and children are made to watch.

To my fellow Whites - apologies for my rant but I'm sure some of you will understand the underlying emotion. Just get the **** out of this country - you are fair game for all manner of racist murdering rabble and most of your fellow Whites, the police, judiciary and media will not lift even a finger to bemoan your demise. Just it - if not for yourself, then for the sake of your children, whose fate in this country is sealed.

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This is a blog that was created to help the white struggle in South Africa to survive the communist onslaught by the ruling ANC regime to erradicate everything that is white in S.A. This is a blog created to ask for international help to stop the white genocide in S.A- the farm murders, corruption, black on white racism, nepotism, clandistine operations against whites, land grabs, personal disownment, hi-jacks- and unneccesary slaughter of feeble old people by gangs of illegal aliens imported by the ANC to do just that.



All whites has to be erradicated from all levels in the country, whether it is financially, schooling, sports, work- you call it- whites are eliminated and excluded by force. The ANC has their "Diplomatic" terms for it- Affirmative action, BEE, Quotas, Equity acts, Land Distribution, etc, etc- but their bottom goal is to clean Africa from whites! Hundreds of aliens are welcome to work, stay- and vote in SA- so long they do not appear in their WHITE pajamas- otherwise- they are free to enter and get all the royalties SA can offer. White citizens in SA can only get ONE royalty the regime has to offer: The royalty of leaving SA!

Uncanny -isn't it: The ANC- mostly aliens themselves- are now alienating true SA citizens- and claiming the country belongs to THEM ( Sounds very much parasitic to me)

This Blog also want to show the world what type and caliber our so-called "government" really are- the thievery, banality, corruption, denails, communism, witch hunts, racism, hate speeches agains whites, "don't care" attitudes, gravy train riding, cliques , lavish money spending, exauburant salaries and many more attrocities under the banner of "Democracy."
Never in the history of this country- was there such an esculation of crime, corruption and "high profile"-if you can attach that term- arrests as when this corrupt regime took over.

Since the ANC international supported hi-jack of SA- everything falls apart- and are in shambles: The Defence Force, Education, Medical sector, Police Force, City Councels, Airports, Borders...and about everything that is being run by an ANC deligate. Now the ONE unit that actually made a success- The Scorpions- are to be dismantled because too many ANC "comrades" are caught for corruption- and sent to jail, where they belong. Zuma and his corruption with Shabir Sheik- after he just-just missed jail for rape, and Mbeki and the top clique for having a couple of front companies where millions of rands are swooping through.

We also remembered the Scorpions zeroing-in on other top criminals like Jackie Selebe (So-Called Police Commisioner), The Parliamentary Flygate bunch, Crooked Toni Yengeni (M.E.C), Mantho Tshabalala Msimang and her ex-Botswana corruption history when she ran away, Pnuel Maduna and the millions of litres of oil he sold and deposit the takings in ANC accounts, Nkosana Zuma and the cool 50 million donated for AIDS she squandered, The Vice president and her 40 thousand she spent on a luxury holiday from taxpayer's funds and so-on and so-on. The list just keep on growing. NOW you know why the elite unit HAS to be stopped- otherwise SA will sit without a government by the end of 2008...all back in jail where most came from!! We will not even go down in history as far as '94 when other criminal ANC "high-ups" like Winnie "Necklace" Mandella and her "soccer team" rattled the ANC beloved liberal world with the Stompie Sepei murder- one she did not even go to jail for- and her thousands of rands of debt!

We do not even talk of Mr. Robert McBride of the Mangoo's Bar bomb slaugter- who was found guilty- sat 3 wonderful years in prison, became Mbeki's attache in Chille- and now SECURITY CHIEF- again in court for "Marxist" tipe of rule in the councel, corruption- and drunk while driving. One of these days there will be more ANC top-hats in jail that common criminals!! Now the Scorpions are dismantled for doing their job too good- instead of the whole ANC parliament being fired!!!

Currently- SA is being run by Lethuli house, The millions of unions, the Communist Party, thousands of ANC affiliated "Groups & Leagues- and the top ANC clique.

SA has three unconditional laws since the ANC took hold of our system:


Thus the reason why capital punishment was abolished by the ruling regime- they were too scared that should the death penalty stay- most of their comrades would've been wiped out- it is a natural common way of life in Africa. If something stands in your way of progress- be a natural warrior- and kill it. Young Africans are taught to rape virgins to cure themselves from aids. You can't steal- you just take what you want/need. Nothing wrong in participating in the above three catogories, because all blacks have "Ubuntu"(Goodness) in them- so- you have no evil in you.(That is reserved for whites.)

We hope that those 'Free the ANC" liberal movements and past as well as current donators will open their eyes to the horrible reality in S.A- not only are S.A whites slaughered- but also white tourists from YOUR countries. Please wake-up- and stop your donations to this ruling racist regime.

If you are still unsure of the situation- please do what you are so good at: Send in the camera troops unnoticed for- say 3 weeks (Just tell them to hold on tight to their cameras, equipment and cellphones)....and see for yourself the deterrioration of a country that once was a leader in many technologies. You murdered our country for your own personal gain- so, if you have any concious left- stop this bullying non-functional government now! Remember- this is not SA anymore....THIS IS NOW GANGLAND, and we are ruled by the norm of this new system- Crime, corruption, murder, rape....and o- I forgot- GOVERNMENT DENAIL AT ALL TIMES!


End of an Era

The first-hand testimony by former combatants of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) about the cruel ANC prison regime are an event in South African history. Never before has such concentrated factual evidence been presented about the inner nature of the ANC and its eminence grise, the South African Communist Party.

The ANC/SACP did a very good job in preventing public knowledge of its secret history from emerging. Those who survived the Gulag system of the ANC/SACP did so knowing that to reveal what they had been through meant re-arrest, renewed tortures and in all probability, death. They had to sign a form committing them to silence!

KGB-directed torture chambers led to suicides...

These ex-detainces in Nairobi have revealed that other prisoners, including Leon Madakeni, star of the South African film Wanaka, as well as Nomhlanhla Makhuba and another person known as Mark, committed suicide rather than suffer re-arrest at the hands of their KGB-trained guardians. Madakeni drove a tractor up a steep incline in Angola, put it into neutral and died as it somersaulted down the hill ...

  • The ex-guerrillas in Nairobi displayed immense courage in speaking out publicly - their courage might have contributed to secure the lives of eight colleagues who had fled Tanzania through Malawi hoping to reach South Africa on the principle that better a South African jail than the ANC 'security.'
  • This group, including two leaders of the mutiny in the ANC camps in Angola in 1984, arrived in South Africa in April, were immediately detained at Jan Smuts Airport by the security police for interrogation, and then released three weeks later.
  • The day after their release they gave a press conference in Johannesburg, confirming the account of the mutiny published on this page.

This regimen of terror, extending beyond the gates of the ANC/SACP `Buchenwald' of Quadro, was a necessary element in the total practice of repression and deception which made the Anti-Apartheid Movement the most successful Popular Front lobby for Stalinism anywhere in the world.

  • No international Stalinist-run public organization has ever had such an influence and shown such stability, reaching into so many major countries, for so long
  • Vital to its success has been a practice of open and covert censorship The ANC's prisoners were its necessary sacrificial-victims.

The KGB in Africa
The prison system to which they were subject goes back to the late 1960s. It was the successor and the complement to the prison system on which blacks in South Africa are weaned with their mothers' milk.

  • In 1969 one of the editors of this journal met two South Africans in London who said they had fought in the first MK guerrilla operation in mid-1967 - a disastrous fiasco across the Zambezi River into the Wankie area of Rhodesia, along with guerrillas from the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), then led by James Chikerema.
  • (The ZAPU president, Joshua Nkomo, was in detention).
  • The two men described how they had eventually succeeded in escaping from Rhodesia, and how their criticism of the operation had led to their imprisonment in an ANC camp in Tanzania.
  • An article on the theme appeared the same year in the British radical newspaper Black Dwarf then edited by Tariq Ali.

The revelations by the Nairobi five indicate how little has changed. In his book on black politics in South Africa since 1945, Tom Lodge, (Black politics in South Africa Since 1945, Ravan, 1987), writes:

In 1968 a batch of Umkhonto defectors from camps in Tanzania sought asylum in Kenya, alleging that there was widespread dissatisfaction within the camps. They accused their commanders of extravagant living and ethnic favouritism. The first Rhodesian mission, they alleged, was a suicide mission to eliminate dissenters. In political discussions no challenge to a pro-Soviet position was allowed (p300).

  • From 1968 to 1990, nothing basic altered in the ANC's internal regime in the camps, except that in the high noon of the Brezhnev era it operated para-statal powers under civil war conditions in Angola, where a large Cuban and Soviet presence permitted the ANC security apparatus to 'bestride the narrow world like a Colossus.'

From the account of the ex-mutineers, ANC administrative bodies ruled over its elected bodies, the security department ruled over the administrative organs, and KGB-trained officials - no doubt members of the SACP - ruled over the security apparatus.

  • Umkhonto we Sizwe functioned as an extension in Africa of the KGB.
  • Its role in the civil war in Angola was to serve primarily as a surrogate to Soviet foreign policy interests, so that when the ANC rebels proposed that their fight be diverted to South Africa this counted as unpardonable cheek, to be ruthlessly punished.
  • Over its own members, the ANC security apparatus ruled with all the arrogance of a totalitarian power.

There is a direct line of connection between the ANC reign of terror in its prisons - which a UN High Commission for Refugees official described as more frightening than Swapo prisons - and the 'necklace' killings exercised by ANC supporters within South Africa, especially during the period of the 1984-86 township revolt, but now once again revived against oppositional groupings such as Azapo.

  • (The ANC's' necklace' politics was also a definite contributory element provoking the carnage in Natal). Two former ANC prisoners, Similo Boltina and his wife Nosisana, were in fact necklaced on their return to South Africa in 1986, after having been repatriated by the Red Cross (letter from Bandile Ketelo, 9 April 1990).

  • This is the significance of the `Winnie issue.'
  • When leaders of the Mass Democratic Movement publicly expressed their 'outrage’ at Winnic Mandela's 'obvious complicity’ in the abduction and assault on 14 year-old Stompie Mocketsi Seipe, leading to his murder, this was in response to very widespread and very well-founded revulsion among Soweto residents - especially ANC supporters such as members of the Federation of Transvaal Women (Fetraw).
  • They were enraged by the jackboot politics of the so-called Mandela United Football Team, whose 'coach` - to the satisfaction of Fetraw members - has been convicted of Stompie's murder.
  • This squad of thugs, based in Mrs Mandela’s house, acted within Soweto in the same way that the ANC/SACP security acted abroad, in Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The welcome of Captain Dirk Coetzee, head of the regime's assassination squad, into the arms of the ANC is an indication of the future course of development, as is the decision by the new Swapo government in Namibia to appoint a number of top South African security policemen, including the former chief of police in the Ovambo region, Derek Brune, to head its secret organs of coercion.

The South African prison system was replicated in the ANC prisons even into everyday terminology, above all at Quadro. This is a name that requires to become common currency in political discourse: it is the Portuguese for `No.4' the name used throughout South Africa for the notorious black section of the prison at the Fort.

Sneers by warders at soft conditions in 'Five Star Hotels', the common description of punishment cells as 'kulukudu' and the whole atmosphere of brutal crassness is quintessentially South African, spiced with the added sadism of the Gulag. The ANC prison system combined the worst of South African and of Russian conditions fused together, and it is this new social type - as a refinement and augmentation of each - that is now offered to the people of South Africa as the symbol of freedom.

Read the entire terrifying tale here:

READ one of the original ANC reports on:


KwaMashu, still my home"-- Hate-speech movie against Asians and Whites features ANC-leader Zuma:

April 7 2008 - By Adriana Stuijt. The following You-Tube film extract is from an upcoming documentary KWA MASHU: STILL MY HOME, directed by the African-American anti-slavery filmmaker Owen 'Alik Shahadah.

It was produced by the South African business K-CAP and UK business Halaqah Films together with the African Holocaust Society.

Owen 'Alik Shahadah, who refers to South Africa as "Azania", is actively engaged in spreading hate-speech among blacks with his films, targetting Asians and whites in South Africa, grotesquely even claiming that "South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control'...

He writes:

"South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control... across the board there is always a white face holding senior rank, might it be Zulu lodges, private game reserves, tour operators, hoteliers, all exclusively non-African. And to add to this the Africans employed do not hold any managerial positions...

"On any given day in Durban it is possible to see large exclusive congregation of Asians around central social business spots like restaurants. A brief tour of Durban shows a stark monopoly of supermarket ownership, restaurants, practically everything that is worth owning. Even the small one-man street vendor trades are dominated by them. And now with the “death” of Apartheid the European and Asian business are venturing into the townships, the heart of the African community, and setting-up large business...

He is an avid supporter of Jacob Zuma, new leader of the African National Congress ruling party, and who is widely seen as the future new president of S.Africa.


March 16 2008 - The black residents association of this state-owned apartment building in Mafikeng who posted this sign still insist that 'they aren't racists - they just don't want any whites to buy into the building...'

Read the entire sad tale here:

Senior ANC MP makes death-threat gesture to white MP

The woman in this picture is the ruling ANC party's parliamentarian Winkie Direko, caught in the act of making an offensive death-threat gesture to the Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard in the SA parliament. Winkie is the former premier of the Free State. The parliament was in session at the time.

March 5 2008 - CAPE TOWN. The Democratic Alliance opposition party has laid a charge against Winkie Direko, the former premier of the Free State, after the ANC-MP made an very offensive death-threat gesture at DA MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard during a sitting of parliament.

Direko drew her finger across her throat (see pictures above) when Kohler Barnard was asking questions of Safety & Security minister Charles Nkakula relating to the dissolution of the Scorpions police unit.

Ian Davidson of the DA commented that Direko’s shocking gesture served to heighten racial tension and promoted hatred and anti-White violence which was already wide-spread in South Africa.


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MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 28/02/2008 02:46
Two Afrikaner pupils knifed by 3 non-white pupils, Akasia High School5
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 27/02/2008 02:09
Black chairman of FIFA WC2010 local committee uses word 'kaffir' at media meet1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 25/02/2008 00:40
Why does the British Council support hate-speech rapper Zubz in SA?2
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 18/02/2008 08:08
SA's Jews are leaving1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 08/02/2008 04:01
VIDEO: Black Malelane traffic cop assaults unarmed white Afrikaner motorist1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/01/2008 06:53
"I do not pose with a monkey', screams black PA to white Bethal councillor1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/01/2008 06:46
Doné Breedt, 19, daughter of Krugersdorp magistrate, stabbed in hijackin1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 17/11/2007 03:32
Afrikaans singer assaulted in Johannesburg hospital for helping elderly mom2
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 14/11/2007 02:29
SABC employee Alwyn Kloppers robbed by metro-cop after fake 'booze-check'1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 20/09/2007 00:22
Zulu tribe threatens armed occupation of farm Uitval near Vryheid1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 16/09/2007 22:03
Three accused rapists of Afrikaner vacationers in KZN near judgment day1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 11/09/2007 15:18
Where do you come from white boy? asked four armed attackers Aug 23 2007 --1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 27/08/2007 01:37
Teacher attack sparks outcry in Cullinan2
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 27/07/2007 04:30
Killing Zim livestock suspected of Foot & mouth disease was "racist' ?1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 19/06/2007 07:51
Why are defenceless SA robbery victims tortured so often?2
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 06/05/2007 06:26
Publish a new Q'uran without hateful passages - Dutch liberal warns3
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 24/04/2007 10:12
Pattern of SA Ministers spouting hate speech5
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 09/04/2007 03:30
Asian community in Laudium targetted by armed attackers:1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 26/02/2007 03:13
Were eight white schoolkids kicked off school bus by a 'racist driver' ?1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 07/02/2007 21:27
Kwanzaa: is this artificial 'religion' spreading anti-white hatred worldwide?1
MSN NicknameUnveiledAJStuijt 09/01/2006 02:41
Murder accused William Kekana describes horror deaths of Drennen/Rawstone family1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 02/06/2004 02:51
Is it racial abuse when Afrikaner pupil gets stabbed by a black classmate?5
MSN NicknameCensorbugbear 16/04/2004 08:40
20040314 petition to Oxfam to stop funds to terro-Landless People's Movement -1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 14/03/2004 06:09
Foreign hiv-aids researchers at St Lucia attacked by racist locals1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 18/02/2004 22:09
DA councillor Terry Herbst, other whites targetted by race-hate campaign in PE1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 02/02/2004 23:08
Hateful words a war crime - three journalists convicted1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 20/01/2004 02:22
Pretoria's name change seen as anti-Afrikaner hatred by city taxpapers1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 15/11/2003 02:58
Apartheid still alive and well in SA...2
MSN NicknameWotknott 21/02/2003 19:06
20030219: Racial clash: Boys in court...1
MSN NicknameWotknott 19/02/2003 06:02
Do we really need a Ministry of Sport?5
MSN NicknameWotknott 21/11/2002 06:32
Bafana hero, mom in 'punch-up'1
MSN NicknameWotknott 11/10/2002 08:31
SA leaves 'black' conference
Bushbuckridge ANC-mayor in court for double-assassinations - Ancyl threats1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 14/04/2008 12:16
20070627 Mpuma politician Thandi Motshwene assassinated at Leslie home5
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 14/04/2008 12:08
Aids-activist and Mbeki-critic Father Kieran Creagh gunned down by 8-member gang2
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 08/04/2008 06:14
Second Swazi anti-monarchy activist shot dead - Dr Gabriel Mkhumane1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 03/04/2008 01:41
Accused assassin of West Rand mining executive absconds from Vereeniging court1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 04/03/2008 07:40
Achitect Julian Lap executed in Parktown home - NOTHING ROBBED1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 04/03/2008 03:48
Two blacks on trial for murder of Family-Violence Capt.Anna-Marie Potgieter, '061
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 14/02/2008 01:24
gutsy SA crime fighter Lindiwe Mthembu killed before she could testify in court1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 21/01/2008 05:18
Mbeki 'assassinated and persecuted' political opponents - that's why he lost ANC1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 23/12/2007 06:49
German jotelier Franz Richter, 80, assassinated, Swartkops, Hebron1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 29/11/2007 03:17
Bavarian-born SA hotel-owning couple murdered execution-style in KZN3
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 08/11/2007 23:09
20070713 Eric Lerata, chief of Nuclear Energy Corp, killed execution-style, Pta2
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 08/11/2007 09:28
VIDEO - Xenophobic anger at Zulu reggae legend Lucky Dube memorial service1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/10/2007 07:01
Raja Naido, councillor of Merebank KZN -- assassination remains a mystery1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 20/10/2007 05:55
Was South African headmaster Nick Karvelas assassinated by a death squad?3
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 03/09/2007 04:26
Stellenbosch deputy-mayor Khulile Shubani injured in 'assassination attempt'1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 30/08/2007 06:18
Pastor Musa Maluleke of Pietersburg assassinated - DJ Brian Rikhotsho charged1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 22/08/2007 06:15
Was lynching of ANC-councllor Ntai Mokoena an assassination?3
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 13/08/2007 00:00
Were secret uranium deposits the cause of Koesterfontein lynchings?4
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 11/08/2007 21:17
20070715 Manie Maritz, BMW manager, assassinated in home ambush1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 07/08/2007 04:03
20070806 Ian de Wet, 42, leading Afrikaner broker, found dead in BMW boot1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 07/08/2007 03:59
Mugabe critic journalist Abel Mutsakani shot assassination-style July 26 20071
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 26/07/2007 04:57
SAs 1-million security guards can used as an army during emergencies...1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/07/2007 05:00
20070718 Wife of presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale escapes from hijackers1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/07/2007 04:37
The stench of genocide in the making hangs in the SA air...2
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/06/2007 03:13
20070606 Alicia Cloete, 12; Edwina Wing, 18, assassinated in WCape gun attack1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/06/2007 02:53
Man, 4-year-old daughter assassinated in Milnerton, Cape4
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 03/06/2007 10:45
Raped teenager murdered with her family before she could testify:1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 20/05/2007 05:29
20070309 Raoshezaad Ali, Pakistani businessman, executed in Laudium/Pretori1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 10/03/2007 02:57
20060107 Doulien van der Merwe, opposition party candidate, shot, Mamelodi1
MSN NicknameUnveiledAJStuijt 09/01/2006 03:33
20050123 - 46 Political assassinations in South Africa since April 2004