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So much has been said about the so-called "New South- Africa", the "Rainbow Nation"- the "Democratic South-Africa"...or whatever beautiful term the liberal media wants to slap on it. The outside world- that will be the International Community that is- NEVER really see the South- African context - the way we see it-for what it REALLY is. It's only now- after 15 years of total chaos- that certain members of the E.U started to wake-up to the REAL South-Africa.

What the liberal-ANC controlled media is sending overseas- and portraying to the International community, is a beautiful country- with lucious pastures, a land with so many diverse communities- rich in culture- and a open invitation to well as host the 2010 Danny Jordaan soccer ding-dong. A prosperous country indeed- with a solid well educated government in place!
Realty- sadly- depicites otherwise. Reality- to the people living here- shows a country ravaged by crime-(The highest per capita in the world), a country that are torn between trade logic from the bussiness community- and sheer thieving madness from the "supposed-to-be" government....if we loosely might use the term "government."

Since the ANC Jailbirds - the little liberation gods created by the liberal U.N and his allies, hi-jacked S.A - all hell has broken loose. This madness was a three pronged attack on the hapless land: One prong was the new "government"- who made a mad dash for the top seats- and unlogical high salary packets, the second prong was aimed at the rich recources of the land- to get those recources into ANC controlled paws as soon as possible,- and the third prong- directed by the ANC at the white "settlers" of the land- the boer people who- as they so gleefully claimed- were "responsible" for the back-draught lives of all blacks in South-Africa. ( Everything that goes wrong- or blatant blunders by the ANC- is always blamed on those racist whites)- Pardon my guilty complex!

Immediately after our Demi-god- Nelson Mandela -was deemed " unneccesary" by the ruling ANC regime- he was placed in a "safe house" where he is looked after generously by the "comrades"- and be the icon to millions with the accompanying fanfare and media couverage- a constant boost to the ANC's image Internationally. He was then subsequently replaced by Thabo Mbeki- a individual with a low intellegence, and a person with a very secret dark hate against the white people of the land, a caracter that has a very high image of himself, arrogant- and not by far even interested in managing- or running the country. He was- to say the least- the poorest example of a "president" this country ever saw...he did not even fit the portfolio, for he was for all logic- a Despot

Mbeki was a very dubious caracter- and did a lot of very nasty secretive deals and things behind closed doors with his chosen cronies in parliament- all who was de facto criminals from various institutions- now suddenly bloated into "ministerial" positions. None of these convisticals that was "ministers" or "MEC's" - had any credentials at all- not even to speak of experience in the field of "governing" a country. Most of them did not even matriculate- and bragged with Gr. 8 certificates. Many of these criminals in high positions had records as long as your grocery lists, but their back-grounds was kept order to couver it under the "Freedom Struggle" blanket. To booster these morons into exeptable positions in the eyes of the world- they all recieved "hounorary" degrees from make-believe institutions such as Wits University- who by itself- is a very questionable institution due to it's hardline leftist views.


Mbeki himself was a moron with a capital "M." He wanted to fulfill his own pipedream- he was living in his own fantasy world of "uniting" the whole of Africa under one banner- a black power block to face the Western and Eastern Blocks - with HIM as overlord.....naturally. Furhermore did he engage himself in gettig connected into lots of "private" companies- using state funded collateral- to, with his cronies like Nqacula, Sexwale, Selebi, Cyril Ramaphosa and others- were to make millions on the side-line. Thus the reason why he- in all his arrogance- told the most powerfull man on earth- George Bush- to get the hell out of Africa- Africa is "his"- Mbeki's! What an idiot...what an Mega low-intellectual IDIOT! This is the man the liberal word appointed to "rule" a country that was once the powerhouse of Africa- a country that was on many a field a international leader in development under white rule.

Since this whaco took charge of the driving seat- he appointed these above mentioned low-intellectual criminals, bandits from jail like Charles Nqacula, Ncondo Balfour, Jacob Zuma,Nkosazana Zuma, Naledi Pandor, Tshabalala Msimang and many others. He also went a step further- and locked the chain with very unruly partners in the likes of Cosatu and the S.A Communist Party- and between these three rampant unholy partners- they went beserk with the South-African economy and recources.On all occasions where important decisions had to be enforced- Cosatu and the Communist Party directed the ANC which way to go....a case of the tail wagging the dog.So- who is actually running the country you may ask?

The whole of the Sout-African infrastructure went into a collapse. There is literally not one department presently in the Public Service that is still fully functional. It only exist by name. Services are so poor that even the ANC themselves are complaining about the monkey service they themselves instituted. The Defence Force- who was seen as the best guerilla fighters in the word- today are riddled with corruption, AIDS- and poor weaponry -which are not maintained at all. There are many "Generals"- one for every 400 TROOPS- but they are as useless as the hundreds of shining stars on their eupalettes.

Mbeki introduced thousands of so-called "Freedom Fighters" from all over Africa to join his own private "army." From APLA, FAPLA,Mkonto We Sizwe, ANC and other "freedom" contegents- they just streamed by the thousands to Wahlmansthal recruitment site. Most of these imbecillic so-called "freedom fighters" never even had proper military training- but just registered to get a job- and maybe a star -or- two...just as long as they do not perish of hunger. Mbeki kindly obliged- and dished-out ranks and medallions by the thousands- creating the one most "accredited" army in the world- one who has thousands of illiterate commanders in top positions- and a AIDS riddled cadre soldier contegent -that is dying like flies -as followers.

To-day there is barely one single tank, Caspir. Ratel- or any other war machinery left from the past productive system, ran by white people. The Defence Force is a shambles- a mere skeleton of it's old self. The rest of the Public Service are no better equipped. The hospital system is in tatters- thousands of Medical Trained Staff has fled the country, thousands more are on the brink of leaving this cesspool- to offer their skills to other more appreciatable countries. So is the Education System- riddled with ANC propaganda to innocent kids and about the "Freedom Struggle", thus brain washing children that are our country's future leaders- typical socialist doctrines! The levels and standards were down-scaled by the so-called newly introduced Cirricilum 2000- to such an extend that a South-African Certificate is no longer acceptable in International countries.

I am not even going to dwell on other poor services like the parasitic no-good police, Over populated ruined Correctional Services,Useless City Councels and Poor Monetary control- that is a fiasco on itself. I will not even dwell on all the corruption charges filed by the Scorpions against the crime-syndicate in the parliament, criminals like Selebe, Msimang, Zuma, Flygate Travellers,Maduna,Mbeki himself,Manuel and others. For this reason- the Scorpions- the only actual functioning power in S.A that took no shit from ANC high-ups and zoomed in on their clandistine operations - had to be closed down as soon as order to keep all the dubious ANC politicians OUT of jail!!

Mbeki- in all his goodness- opened the South-African borders to the whole of Africa to simply just "walk-in." This imbeciilic move created heavy problems for the South-African micro economic situation.It was as-if the gates of hell was opened as well.
Already- through mismanagment- there was a huge shortfall in all public sectors for citizens of South-Africa- and with the millions of job-seeking hungry aliens that suddenly overran the social sector- the country's economic recources were put under enormous and unbelievable financial strains. The bussiness sector was pressurised more and more to deliver funds to incorporate this sudden influx of aliens- creating a bad scenario where there were just too little suppliers - and too much consumers. The job-market susequently collapsed- leaving millions of South-Africans without jobs- and illegal squatter camps popping-up all over the show- with aliens now suddenly "demanding" more and more. This stupid move by the poor illiterate Mbeki unavoidably led to the so-called "Xenophobic" attacks by locals on the aliens. When warned about the civil eruption in the making- his clever answer was that the aliens "are here to stay- and the public just have to live with it.." What an arrogant mule-headed idiot!

Strange- Through all this turmoil- Mbeki himself- was having a ball of a time- flying all over the world with his newly purchased jet-accompanied by hundreds of his party members each time- not even caring about a economy that was falling to pieces back home. Mbeki took off from home soil on literally a daily basis. Now- the logic again folks: How much did the taxpayer had to fork-out for only ONE of Mr. Flyboy's hoolah-trips...with all his entorages? Thousands per trip- and if you multiply that by 2 per week, times four per month, times 12 per year, times 10 years- including the lavish hotels, parties, transport for all x-amount of party goers- and you will get to an astronomical sum of money that could have been allocated to the so-called "disadvantaged" rural communities for better services...not so? Mbeki was not the only high-roller in the clan- there were the "Deputy President" that went on a R 400 000.00 private holiday spree- bussiness to promote S.A she said- Miss Nkosazana Zuma's 50 Million rands Concerts she gave- the millions that were cashed into Lethuli-House's accounts for the stolen oil that was sold by Pneul Madoena...and lots more. NONE of these waisted funds EVER were returned- or payed back...WHY - is the obvious question. The answer from the ANC: Couver-ups and flat denials. If the story hits the head-lines, more of the taxpayers hard-earned funds were waisted on tribuneral after tribuneral, investigation after investigation,- and in the end- absolutely NOTHING came of it! No-body got fired, jailed- sweet blue nothing! All for the show, because brothers look after brothers- THAT is the ANC's secret code- ANCNostra.

Mbeki was out for one thing- to enrich himself- and to fulfill his fantasies of a united Africa under his control. He was more concerned about Africa- than South-Africa- and never was in his own country more that a day-or-two a week...a real little Jetsetter!For all practical puposes this litte puny creature is a demon in diguise.

Subsequently-after they robbed the country and the people into starvation- the moronic ANC decided that their arses are about to be iced by their supporters if they do not act fast- and decided to "recall" the useless racist and communist-orientated Thabo.The man just had to be stopped, after many a boo-boo he committed- like the AIDS fiasco, Mugabe Fiasco- and a string of "mishaps" now investigated by the Scorpions. This happened after the so-called Polokwane meeting- a meeting that decided that Jacob Zuma must be the opposing man to replace Mbeki. This led to Mbeki losing the ANC presidency- and a vote of no convidence from his party. He then was replaced by Mohlante as interim president- a caracter that never was heard of before- had no history in politics- and being a unknown individual for most of the electorate....appearantly untill next year's elections and the introduction of Jacob Zuma- another fire-and-brimstone idiot with a dubious background and lots of charges against him- to be the next destroyer of South-Africa.


Since the "lawful democratic" take-over by the liberally powered and Jewish - supported ANC,- litterally thousands of white farmers has been brutally murderered in their homes. The last figure knocks close to 1800 since the dubious Mbeki took control. Safety & Security went for a blob- since the Mbeki henchman- Charles- the Moron -Nqacula- took post. Now you must understand- this is the same clever Johhny who told the S.A public- as well as investors- that if you do not like the crime in S.A- you dweepers must then rather "pack your things and go!" This is the same criminal- that after one year of pleas from ravaged farmers- still did not even did the hounors of answering their calls for a meeting on farm murders. This is also the same despot that flatly denied any state-orchestrated attacks on farmers at a BBC investigation into rumors of a white genocide. So much for the ANC credibility.

Farm attacks started immediately after Mbeki and his bandits took over. In a mob-style organised manner- word has it - is that Mbeki and his Muder Inc. gave instructions to his followers to start killing white "settlers" on farms so that the "settlers" would give-up hope in farming- thus opening the doors for black "disadvantaged" farmers to do the neccesary take-over honours. The dastardly Mbeki regime immediately started their racist "Land-Reform" programmes- aimed at well-run and productive white-owned farms. The irony came in this: There are millions of State-owned land lying bare- not utilised- on which the ANC could place previous "disadvantaged" black farmers,- but as parasitic and racist as the regime was- they refused to give-up their state-owned land- but rather target innocent farmers, who is the biggest contributers of food in South-Africa- to be intimidated- and chased off their lands. The disowned farmers are "logically" offered a "reasonable" market-related price....(that propaganda is only for the world to know.) The reality is that the ANC regime offered these farmers a low sum for the be paid over TWO years!!

Now I ask you- the STATE- who has all the funds in the world- wants to pay a single entity a low amount over two years...where is the logic in this? Many pointers show us that the regime are behind the farm killings indeed- but the power of flat denial became the ANC's normal Modus Operandi. If their version of "innocence" was so true- then the question of why 1800 white farmers died violently during their reign- and 52 000 white people were murdered in the same time in South-Africa- still are a mistery. This figure topples the amount of whites that died in both their civil wars- as well as the amount that died during the South-West/Angola wars of 25 years- as well as the amount of ANC cadres and blacks that died during the so-called liberal propegated "Apartheid" era!

What the idiotic ANC- in all of their short-sightedness totally miss- is the fact that these same farmers they so gleefully "cull"- are the same people that feeds their own never-satisfied black population with food, the same people that see to it that food are on-time on the shelves of shops...ready for the black hand to take and eat! The ANC- despots as they are- never stops for a moment and try to think. They are so busy stuffing themselves on top- that they do not care about the bottom falling-out. They don't care about the populace- even their own unsatisfied mongrels that supports them. When pleas and screams from white farmers arise about their delimma- pigs like Mbeki and Nqacula just turns a blind eye...that is their way of "retribution" against the "white" settlers. Now these same arrogant criminals wanted to cap the trusts and assets of the farmers as well in a new draconic law to-be-published in their so-called "Parliament"- but here was where the Jews got scared- and warned the regime- that should they proceed with this idiotic idea- the Jewboys would withdraw R 832 BILLION rands from S.A IMMEDIATELY! Guess what- The Parasitic ANC dropped THAT one like a hot potato- "Untill Further Notice...."

The ANC sought control over the media, but in order to stay out of the picture- they use taxpayer's money to fund private individuals - like Tokyo Sexwale- to purchase all leading newspapers in South-Africa- and buy huge shares in private-owned tabloits. They do not want ANY newspaper spreading ugly rumors about them- and ALL papers MUST be Pro-ANC. This move ensured them major stake-holders- and through the State-Owned SABC and their newspaper kingdom- they use this media to ANC propaganda,- as well as giving direct instructions that NO white murder must ever be highlighted.

Should their be any incident of white-on-black- it IMMEDIATELY must be published- accompanied with a hefty race-card. This moves is specifically orchestrated to keep-on telling the world what type of "racists" the whites in South-Africa still are against the "poor" liberated fun loving black society. In the mean-time- should there be racist attacks by blacks- like on the aliens- a TOTAL new term must be used- like "Xenophobia." What it really was - was BLACK RACISM!!! Many cases erupted where blacks were directly responsible for attacking whites,- but the ANC saw to it that the outside world NEVER get to hear about this. In cases where the white farmers tried to organise themselves to form a unit against the ANC orchestrated attacks- false accusations were fabricated by the ANC- and these farmers just "dissapeared"- never to be seen again. Mbeki used his Gestapo- the so-called National Intellegence Agency- to get rid of white "Opposers" to his little godly domain. Another question on the ANC's dark motives- are the roamers about their so-called UHURU- the night of the "Long-Knives"- a similar operation as this that Hitler pulled onto his opponents. This will happen after Mandela died.

This specific night- word has it- will see all blacks pull-up in their masses to white settlements- and go on a killing spree to try to eliminate all whites "once and forever" from the face of Africa. Now- when cornered with this statement- his Honourable Mandela stumbled on his words a bit- and declared that he "has heard such roamers..." What a lie. EVERY black man and woman know of UHURU- even the black children knows of this- and even one of the ANC judges said that when Mandela dies- the whites will all be killed! Why does all blacks know this...and the ANC has continious "memory losses" about the existence of such a movement.

To-day- the ANC is hopefully falling apart. New/Old henchmen like "Terror" Lekota and Sam Shilowa is "opposing" the current ruling regime, new parties are to be formed- and Fire and Brimstone despots like Jacob Zuma and the communists are now in head-locks over the fact who is going to "control" South-Africa next year. Even the sly Jews- in Helen Zille- are vigorously pollishing their arses for the prime seat. South-Africa are leaderlessly governing herself- not that she had any so-called "leaders" the past 15 years- but now are spiraling into a quake-mire of uncertainty faster and faster...the African Despot way.

Little demons like Julius Malema, Willy Madisha and Vaavi are trying to ressurect the old "Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer" attitude by threatening to make the country "ungovernable" - should their spasmatic demands not be met- and that all that "oppose" the "Democratic" change in S.A- will be "dealt with." The same little location despots openly declared that they will "die for Zuma." Where- exept in Africa naturally- did you ever hear "leaders" of so-called "democratic" countries bellowing-out such dangerous war-cries? This is another piece of proof that the ANC was, is- and will onward be a murdering racist movement that will NOT tollerate ANY opposition. They have only one law....the law of the gun! This is then- the "Democratic South-Africa- with it's "Stable" government- that overseas countries are supporting by donating millions of dollars in "donations"- to assist in "development." What a farce! The only "development" that is on-track- is the secret military camps in Kwazulu-Natal- sponsored by the ANC regime- to recruit hundreds of black ANCYL milita for training with real weapons in order to sibdue opposing parties before the election- and to kill more whites! A huge "thank-you" to all our international sponsors for the oppertunity to- at least- die an honourable death by a white sponsord bullet!!

If the International Community- who so happily had this mad "Free Mandela" campaign running- EVER going to scream with the same voice " Save the Boer"- is doubtfull. Where are the camera troops now? You remember the troops from all over the world that chuck some sweeties in dustbins for black children in order to lure them into scraping the bin- then took photos and declared that black children had to "dig" in dustbins for food under the nasty "Apartheid" government? Would those same liberal skunks please now pop around and chuck some sweeties for WHITE children to "dig" out- and declare that WHITE children have to "scrape" the bin in order to get food under the nasty ANC government?.....I thought so- no they woun't- because they are natural born newspaper skunks!! They have done their part of damage to this country- realised it- and now decided to skulk behind their dark mansions- and pretend they never had any part in it. Irony is this- the wheel of justice has turned. Europe- the one continent that started the Boer genocide by instigating the black marrauders- are now themselves invaded by these same terrorists by the millions- and the white liberal "Free Mandela" population are being pushed into smaller groups by the invaders.

The USA- those slimey bastards that sold us out by using De Klerk and Pik Botha- are themselves facing a black onslaught by His Hounorable Obama...a black president. Stand at the ready- you back-stabbing liberals- the invaders are about to put YOUR balls in the to speak. We here down-under will sit back- and enjoy the view- one you created yourselves. After the huge black invasions in your countries- the Boers will still be here- we endured the British onslaught, historical black onslaughts- and will top this one as well. Question is: Are you able to withstand the same tormentation.....will YOU survive....I doubt it!

In the mean-time- back in South-Africa- criminals are running amok, aliens still flood the borders by the million, thousands of blacks are jobless and hunger, Public Services are collapsing at an alarming rate,food production keep-on dropping, prices are soaring- and white farmers are getting masacred by the thousands.....but who cares- we are proud to spend millions of taxpayer's funds on huge stadiums to host the most prestigeous event in human history- the 2010 soccer fiasco!! So please- come and join our little 2010 party- come and get mugged, get raped, get assaulted- even better- come and get killed...what is just another life wasted to cry for? After that...and when you are gone home to tell your "sad" tale of agony to your liberal media who instigated your peril in the first place...who the shit cares about us anyway...least about a meagre few white "settlers" down under!!


Farm Murders in South Africa

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White Genocide in South Africa

The Real South Africa


PLEASE send a copy to Newspapers in Your Country.
South Africa
I Snowy Smith of Fair Civil Law lodged an Official Complaint with the
International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Formal Complaint GENOCIDE against the ANC GOVERNMENT South Africa,
inciting hatred against white farmers.
The genocide and systematic eradication of White Farmers sponsored by
the ANC and fuelled by their Racist Policies, Racist Songs and double
standards legislation.
The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being
committed by BLACKS against the Whites and White Farmers in South
The Torture and Brutal MURDER of Elderly White Farmers.
89 MURDERS PER DAY in South Africa.
Murder, Rape, Crime, Farm Genocide, South Africa
Get Educated
Its time to stand up and be counted.
Enough is Enough.
Please send your comments to:
International Criminal Court in The Hague.
I Snowy Smith of Fair Civil Law lodged an Official Complaint with the
International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Formal Complaint GENOCIDE against the ANC GOVERNMENT South Africa.
Promoting Crime, Promoting Racism, Promoting Hatred, Soliciting Murder.
Aiding and Abetting in MURDER, White Farmer Genocide and ALL CRIME.
ANC GOVERNMENT, An Accessory Before the Fact
The South Africa Constitutional Court Ruled that the ANC Government has
a ”DUTY OF CARE to Protect ALL its Citizens”.
The ANC Government has Failed and or Refused to Protect ALL its
In fact they have turned a Blind Eye to the FARM GENOCIDE which is
obviously part of their secret hidden agenda to drive all White Farmers
off their land.
Instead of Protecting ALL its Citizens the ANC Government has done the
opposite they have passed laws making it very difficult for the Law
Abiding Citizens to Protect themselves.
Law Abiding Citizens are sitting ducks when attacked by extremely well
armed BLACK MURDERERS who have AK47 also R1 Machine Guns and 9mm
Inaction and turning a blind eye by the ANC Government is totally
Copy of Reply Received below:
International Criminal Court
The Hague, The Netherlands
Office of the Prosecutor
Snowy Smith
Fair Civil Law
Our reference: OTP-CR-146/08
The Hague,
7 April 2008
Dear Snowy Smith,
The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter.
This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register
of the Office.
We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in
accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International
Criminal Court.
As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and
provide you with reasons for this decision.
Yours sincerely,
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519,
2500 CM The Hague,
The Netherlands
Boоte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Tйlйphone: + 31 70 5158515 •
Facsimile / Tйlйcopie: + 31 70 5158555 •
"OTP InformationDesk"
Please e-mail your formal Genocide complaint to
"OTP InformationDesk"
Please refer to The Hague:
Reference: OTP-CR-146/08
Snowy Smith, Fair Civil Law.
Office of The Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
The Hague, The Netherlands
Evil prevails because good men do nothing.
You all have a very fast powerful tool at your disposal E-MAIL.
Its time to stand up and be counted.
Enough is Enough.
Please send your comments to:
Its time to Stand up and Be Counted.
You all have a very fast powerful tool at your disposal E-MAIL.
Evil prevails because good men do nothing.
Official complaint about the FARM GENOCIDE in South Africa
South Africa desperately needs your HELP.
Dear Sir,
I want to send an official complaint about the FARM GENOCIDE in South
The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being
committed by Blacks against the White Farmers in South Africa.
The ANC Governments Secret Hidden Agendas to drive all White Farmers off
their land.
FARM GENOCIDE - International Criminal Court in The Hague
The Torture and Brutal Murder of +- 3000 Elderly White Farmers in South
Serious crimes of international concern, namely GENOCIDE, crimes against
humanity and war crimes.
About the Court
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, permanent
court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of
international concern, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war
crimes. The ICC is based on a treaty, joined by 105 countries.
Farm murder tally close on reaching 3 000
Written by Adriana Stuijt, Netherlands
In 1994 there were 442 raids by black gangs on SA farms, causing 92
deaths of white people.
In 1995, there were 551 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 121 white people.
In 1996, there were 468 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 109 white people.
In 1997, there were 434 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 84 white people.
In 1998, there were 827 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 145 white people.
In 1999, there were 834 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 136 white people.
In 2000, there were 902 such raids by black gangs which resulted in the
deaths of 142 white people.
And, up to October, 2001 there were 809 such raids by black gangs which
resulted in the deaths of 106 white people.
Thus, whilst Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa from May
1994 until June 1999, there were around 3,000 attacks by black gangs on
isolated white-owned farmsteads during which nearly 600 members of South
Africa's white farming community were slaughtered by well-organised,
heavily-armed black death squads. He never issued any statements
condemning these attacks when he was President.
"2007 armed farm attacks by black gangs increased by 23,8% due to
Mbeki's decision to end the commando-rural policing system, warns
opposition party"
According to the statistics being maintained on the website at least 2,942 farm
murders have been recorded there since 1994 - primarily of Afrikaner
farmers, their kin and their families.
Please note that this record is incomplete since many farm murders
remain underreported or are reported without mentioning the fact that
the murder occurred on a farm or smallholding.
Members of the Transvaal Agricultural Union, deeply upset about the
double-murder on 82-year old Bronkhorstspruit farmer Hendrick Janse van
Rensburg and his 17-year-old grandson Dean Charles Woodraffe on the farm
Zusterstroom, on Monday March 17 held a protest demonstration at the
local law-courts against the arrested suspect's bail application.
The chairman of TAU-Centraal region, Anthony Scott-Dawkins, handed over
a petition to the magistrate on behalf of the entire farming community,
opposing an arrested man's bail.
He also expressed his condolances with the family of the murdered men.
"To lose an elderly, believed father and grandfather, and a grandson
simultaneouosly in such a cruel fashion, makes dealing with the trauma
of such a loss so much more difficult,' he said.
Scott-Dawkins has called on the local police to also investigate
'anti-white racism' as a motive for the murders.
"It simply is no longer acceptable that farmers are being murdered in
this cruel fashion and that just a cellphone was 'robbed' as the only
"People don't just get murdered for something as petty as a cellphone.
"There must be other motives behind this and it's high time that the
police investigates these underlying motives much more thoroughly.'
"Every murder on a farmer is one murder too many'.
A farm worker from a neighbouring farm, 24-year old Isaac Masutu, had
made a brief appearance in court and applied for bail on March 17.
It is believed that Masutu was not alone when carrying out the attack
and police are still investigating. Scott-Dawkins also issued an 'urgent
call to farmers to make sure who they are hiring and to check a
potential employee's past criminal records.'
The TAU also warned that farmers should exercise strict control over the
visitors to their workers' cottages -- to prevent them from 'bringing
any criminal elements to the farm'.
"Farmers must remain alert at all times,' he warned.
These BLACK RACIST COWARD MURDERS in South Africa must be stopped.
The World is starting to open its eyes.
The WHITES are being Terrorized by a bunch of Black savages.
I hope you BLACK RACIST COWARD MURDERS die a slow painful death.
Its time to stand up and be counted.
The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being
committed by Blacks against the White Farmers in South Africa.
Enough is Enough.
Please send me your comments.
Its time to Stand up and Be Counted.
Your kind assistance with the above complaint.
FARM GENOCIDE - International Criminal Court in The Hague
The Torture and Brutal Murder of +- 3000 Elderly White Farmers in South
The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being
committed by Blacks against the White Farmers in South Africa.
The ANC Governments Secret Hidden Agendas to drive all White Farmers off
their land.
Serious crimes of international concern, namely GENOCIDE, crimes against
humanity and war crimes.
About the Court
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, permanent
court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of
international concern, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war
crimes. The ICC is based on a treaty, joined by 105 countries.
The ICC is a court of last resort. It will not act if a case is
investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the
national proceedings are not genuine, for example if formal proceedings
were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility.
In addition, the ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes.
In all of its activities, the ICC observes the highest standards of
fairness and due process. The jurisdiction and functioning of the ICC
are governed by the Rome Statute. Download the Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Court (PDF, 448KB).
Click here for a detailed overview of the ICC.
Please use one of the working languages of the Court - English or
French - for any correspondance.
Communications and claims under art.15 of the Rome Statute may be
addressed to:
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
or sent by facsimile to +31 70 515 8555.
There is NO crime problem in South Africa????
Murder, Crime, Rape, Genocide, South Africa.
Farm Murders in South Africa
Warning for over 18 year old viewers only.
You have to sign in to view.
Crime in South Africa
Mandela Singing about KILLING THE WHITES.
Nelson Mandela with his ANC friends still today sings these songs at
Public meetings.
The ANC still sing “shaya ma buru” all over South Africa.
Promoting Hatred, Promoting Crime, Soliciting Murder.
Aiding and Abetting in MURDER and ALL CRIME.
An Accessory Before the Fact.
Boer Genocide
South Africa is a Criminals Paradise.
Crime is Totally Out of Control in South Africa.
We have the Highest Crime Rate in the WORLD.
South African BLACK men rape babies as 'cure' for Aids
By Jane Flanagan in Johannesburg
Last Updated: 12:47am GMT 11/11/2001
THE alleged rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote
part of rural South Africa last week has focused the nation on an 80 per
cent rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with
the country's Aids pandemic.
More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were
reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Child welfare groups
believe that the number of unreported incidents could be up to 10 times
that number.
Some of the victims were as young as six-months-old, a number of whom
died from their injuries, while others contracted HIV. The largest
increase in attacks has been against children under seven.
Although rises in poverty, violent crime and unemployment are said to
have contributed to the escalation in child abuse, the most significant
and worrying factor is the widespread myth sweeping the country that
having sex with children provides a cure for Aids.
Cati Vawda, the director of the Children's Rights Centre in Durban,
said: "There is a belief across South Africa that a virgin will cure a
man of HIV or Aids. We have no idea where this idea has come from, but
it has been around for a few years and has certainly taken hold."
Kelly Hatfield, of People Opposed to Women Abused , added: "South Africa
has reached a new low. This rumour certainly has become a common
Police say at least one of the men who attacked the nine-month-old girl
is HIV-positive. The baby has also been tested for the virus and given
anti-retroviral drugs as a precaution.
The girl - whose name has not been released - remains in intensive care
at the Kimberley Hospital. While doctors said it was likely that her
physical wounds would heal, experts remained concerned about
psychological trauma.
Even in a country that is accustomed to violent crime, the attack has
shocked the nation. Pictures of the six accused appeared on front pages
of newspapers across South Africa and radio phone-in shows were
inundated with callers demanding to know what the police and Government
were doing to stop child abuse.
More than 1,000 people, mainly women and children, gathered at the
magistrate's court in the remote town of Upington in the north of the
country to vent their anger as the trial opened against the men, aged
between 24 and 66, accused of assaulting the infant. The crowd chanted
slogans demanding more protection for children, and waved banners and
Dozens of police and soldiers had to be deployed to stop the crowd from
surging into the courtroom, where the case was postponed until later
this month. The six accused men were remanded in custody.
South Africa has the highest number of HIV-positive citizens in the
world. According to official figures, one in nine South Africans are
infected with the virus, although many health workers believe the rate
of infection to be closer to one in eight. Schools often harbour the
worst sex offenders.
Next month, a deputy headmaster in the Eastern Cape goes on trial
accused of raping schoolgirls over a 10-year period, resulting in 20 of
them becoming pregnant.
Joan van Niekerk, the chairman of Childline South Africa, said: "How can
we hope that a school will teach children to behave responsibly when the
very people who are educating them are themselves abusers?"
The 185 child abuse cases that are reported to the police each day
represent just a fraction of the true number committed, according to
child welfare groups. Of these, just five per cent result in a
successful conviction. For those mothers aware that their children have
been abused, the decision to make a complaint is rarely easy.
Edith Kriel, a social worker who helps child victims in the Eastern
Cape, said: "Child abusers are often relatives of their victims - even
their fathers and providers. For women, making a complaint is a hard
choice because they end up losing their husbands, the breadwinners and
the roof over their heads."
South Africa the most murderous society on earth
South Africa the most murderous society on earth
Getting Away with Murder
A shocking new report by United Christian Action presents evidence that
South Africa’s murder statistics are even worse than official statistics
have so far admitted.
On average 89 murders are committed, on average, every day in South
For every 1000 crimes committed in South Africa, only 430 criminals are
arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are
sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment. It is also calculated
that South African convicts have a 94% recidivism rate (that is, 94% of
all persons released after serving a sentence immediately become
involved in crime again).
Serious Underreporting
The 22-page United Christian Action report by Robert McCafferty, is
based on original source documents, government archives, the Central
Statistics Service, Interpol, the South African Medical Research Council
statistics, and many other sources. The Report casts serious doubt on
the South African government’s claim that the murder rate has been
Victims’ surveys have consistently uncovered between 60% and 70% more
crime than reported by official sources. Upwards of 50% of crime in many
serious categories goes unreported.
Statistical Discrepancies
While police crime statistics show that there were 21 683 murders in the
year 2000, the Medical Research Council puts the figure at 32 482. The
MRC’s estimate is close to the figure from the Department of Home
Affairs, which is 30 068. This is a third more murders than reported by
the SAPS, a discrepancy of more than 10 000 murders.
So, while the Democratic Alliance leaflet “Fight Crime” puts the average
daily murder rate in South Africa at 55 murders every day, the Medical
Research Council’s statistics reveal that 89 murders are committed, on
average, every day in South Africa.
Interpol claims even higher numbers of murders in South Africa. While
the SAPS claims that there were 26 883 murders in 1995, Interpol claims
that there were 54 298 “murders known to the police” in 1995/96.
Interpol’s figures are approximately double the numbers of “recorded
murders” in South Africa.
According to Interpol, South Africa has the highest recorded per capita
murder rate of the countries covered in their report for 1998, second
only to Columbia. In that year, Interpol recorded the per capita murder
rate in the USA as 6 per 100 000, while in South Africa it was 59 per
100 000.
Organised Crime
A report from the World Economic Forum claimed that South Africa’s
organised crime was second only to Columbia’s, with its frightening drug
cartels and Russia, with its omnipresent mafia. Their report claimed
widespread corruption in the South African police service – where one in
four police officers in the greater Johannesburg were under criminal
investigation at the time of the report.
Police estimate that there are currently “about 700 extremely well
financed and superbly armed crime syndicates operating in and from South
Africa.” However, it was also reported that “not a single ring leader of
any of the 700 crime syndicates operating in South Africa has been
The Failure of the Criminal Justice System
In 2000, only half of all murder cases were sent to court, and only 4007
of the ‘official murders’ resulted in a guilty verdict. The MRC reported
32 482 murders in 2000. This means that for every 8 murders in 2000,
only one murderer was convicted. Obviously there is a delay factor to
sentencing; however, the murder rate has been consistently high and the
conviction rate considerably low by comparison.
One report is quoted claiming: “Despite the President’s boast that South
African crime statistics are improving – with reductions in incidents of
some serious categories of offences – other figures showing the decline
of convictions suggest that the forces of law and order are alarmingly
on the retreat. Convictions for using and dealing with drugs, for
example, collapsed …”
Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse is also shown to go hand in hand with South Africa’s
culture of violence – “according to the National Injury Mortality
Surveillance System, 56% of homicide victims sampled for blood alcohol
levels tested positive.”
The Most Murderous Societies On Earth
The Nedcore Project has concluded that: “South Africa and Southern
Africa are probably the most murderous societies on earth, even with the
probable under-reporting.” The Nedcore Project claims the results of
their surveys “underscore the fact that crime has become South Africa’s
pre-eminent sociological problem. It now eclipses even unemployment in
concerns of all South Africans.”
The bizarre behaviour of the ANC government in, at one stage, imposing a
moratorium on crime statistics is also questioned. The report shows that
in the first seven years of ANC rule, violence and crime in South Africa
increased by 33%, officially.
Worse Than War
The UCA Report on Murder in South Africa reveals that according to the
official statistics, in the 44 years from 1950 to 1993, there was an
average of 7036 murders per year. This covered the turbulent strife of
the apartheid years of warfare, conflict, terrorism, riots and
However, in the first eight years (of peace) of the new democratic
dispensation, under the ANC, an average of 24 206 murders were committed
each year. However, if the Interpol statistics are accepted, then the
murder rate in South Africa during the ANC years has averaged 47 882 per
When The Death Penalty Deterrent Is Removed
The report notes that the sharp exponential increase of violent crime,
particularly murder, in South Africa, also coincides with the suspension
of the death penalty in 1989 and its abolition in 1996.
Official Cover Up
Sharp discrepancies between official statistics and those of Interpol
and the Medical Research Council are considered. One observer is quoted
as saying that the “easiest way for the police to reduce the crime rate
is simply to do nothing but record only those crimes where a case number
is absolutely mandatory …” Numerous experts are quoted as suspecting
“serious under reporting”; “perhaps these figures are concealed for
political reasons’; “the reason for this under reporting could be the
desire to change the ongoing reputation of South Africa as the crime
capital of the world.”
Living Behind Bars and Locks
Of course, few South Africans would need the impeccable research
documented in this report to convince them that security has
deteriorated and crime has escalated during the last ten years.
No matter what the official statistics may claim, many South Africans
remember a time when most children walked or cycled to school on their
own, when most homes were not surrounded by high walls, razor wire and
spikes. When homes did not need burglar bars and security gates, alarm
systems and armed response companies and when many roads did not need
security booms. When vehicles did not need gear locks, steering locks,
alarm systems and satellite tracking devices. When we did not carry such
huge bunches of keys.
The Releasing of Criminals
Not considered in this report is the impact of the early release of well
over 100 000 criminals including murderers and rapists from South
African prisons.
Some Of The Causes Of The Crime Wave
However, the Crime Information Analyst Centre (CIAC) of the South
African Police Services is quoted as offering some socio-economic
explanations for the horrific crime rates in South Africa: “Urbanisation
of the youth … extremely conducive to crime … the role of rapid,
abnormally high rates of urbanisation (and urban unemployment) … when
influx control was removed in 1986, it released a massive urbanisation
process … a massive influx of especially young black work seekers
(economic refugees) to our cities from especially neighbouring
countries, but also from as far afield as Nigeria, Morocco, Europe and
China … at least 6 million undocumented immigrants live in especially
our cities … massive unemployment, with no extended family (social
support network) and subsistence economy to support their basic needs.
In the cities the only support they may find is within their peer group.
A very strong sense of relative depravation and resultant rising
expectations may also develop. The difference between rich and poor in
the city is very obvious and stark. … during the years of political
struggle … many members of the former security forces and liberation
armies were trained in guerilla warfare skills, like intelligence
gathering, ambush techniques, the handing of firearms and explosives,
etc. Many of these combatants are now out of work and many of these
skills can be used to commit hijackings, house and business robberies,
bank robberies and robberies of cash in transit.”
Disarming The Potential Victims Of Crime
With the massive increase in organised crime, and violent crime in South
Africa, it is all the more incomprehensible that the government should
be turning their attention towards disarming the potential victims
through more rigid firearms control laws, rather than re-instating the
death penalty as a deterrent for violent crime.
“When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of
the people are filled with schemes to do wrong.” Ecclesiastes 8:11
It is also an undeniable fact that criminals prefer unarmed victims.
The full report, Murder in South Africa: A Comparison of Past and
Present by Robert McCafferty, is available from United Christian Action.
It can also be viewed on the web
Peter Hammond
United Christian Action, P.O. Box 23632, Claremont, 7735, South Africa
Recommended Reading
Security and Survival in Unstable Times; Shooting Back; South Africa –
Renaissance or Reformation? and Biblical Principles for Africa.
South Africa the most murderous society on earth
Getting Away with Murder
On average 89 murders are committed, on average, every day in South
For every 1000 crimes committed in South Africa, only 430 criminals are
arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are
sentenced to two or more
Wake up and look around you.
ANC Exposed
Article in The Trumpet of Philadelphia, Herbert Armstrong's Old The
Plain Truth.
"They are essentially calling for more redistribution”—that is,
stripping land and other economic assets from whites and giving them to
blacks. This is the most vivid example of how the anc—now helmed by
Jacob Zuma—is increasingly flirting with the policies that have already
turned Zimbabwe into one of the most disastrous shipwrecks in the
history of the nation-state. "
Don’t Expect Jacob Zuma to Fix South Africa
Joel HillikerColumnist
Don’t Expect Jacob Zuma to Fix South Africa
December 26, 2007 | From
Once the jewel of Africa, this nation is now going the way of the rest
of the continent. The new leader of the ruling party won’t help matters.
South Africa is in trouble. At one time the most prosperous and peaceful
nation in Africa, today it finds itself in the jaws of the very problems
that are swallowing nearly every other African state—
Rampant Crime, Corruption, Unemployment, Poverty and Disease.
This trend is doubly tragic because of the heights from which it has
descended to this condition—and the speed.
Evaluating the trend, one is forced to come to an undeniable,
politically incorrect conclusion: that this descent is largely the
regrettable creation of the ruling African National Congress (anc). The
sins of the white, apartheid-era rulers from which the anc took control
in 1994 have been widely publicized—and exaggerated. But that history
does not change this fact: Whatever problems existed under that
much-reviled system, they are simply being dwarfed by those multiplying
under Marxist anc rule.
And now, they are about to get worse.
Last Tuesday, in an electoral rout, the anc replaced its leader, Thabo
Mbeki, with Zulu populist Jacob Zuma. It also awarded all six executive
positions in the party and almost all of the national executive posts to
members of Zuma’s team. The result is a complex political mess that will
put solutions to South Africa’s endemic ills even further out of reach.
Many prominent South Africans are furious with the unpopular Mbeki for
not stepping aside in favor of a more electable candidate, thus opening
the door for the well-liked but problematic Zuma to ride the anti-Mbeki
wave. The Pretoria News described his electoral loss this way: “An
out-of-touch leadership faced a mutiny.” Now, awkwardly, Mbeki is due to
remain the nation’s lame-duck president until his term ends in 2009—a
situation that has gravely divided the anc and will handicap the
national government.
Mbeki’s failings are clear. His leadership is widely criticized for
being cloistered, exclusive, aloof, vindictive toward critics and
aggressive against dissenters. Prospect’s Andrew Feinstein calls him a
“detached, autocratic technocrat” who transformed the anc “from a broad
church of vibrant, internal debate” into “a closed shop in which a small
clique of trusted allies makes decisions” (December 20).
Though Mbeki’s economic policies are credited with creating a boom, they
have helped chase a million whites from the country in the past decade
and left many blacks in the dust of poverty. While a small black middle
class is growing, as is a clutch of superwealthy, politically
well-connected black oligarchs, one quarter of the nation is currently
unemployed—40 percent, if you include those no longer looking for work.
Eleven percent of South Africans live on less than a dollar a day,
double the number of those in poverty when the anc took power in 1994.
Under Mbeki, the nation has also sustained one of the worst crime rates
in the world. Its murder rate is eight times higher than the average
country—nine times that of the United States. It has more assaults,
rapes and murders with firearms per capita than anywhere in the world.
Over eight in 10 South African businesses are affected by crime—not
missing Post-it notes, but violent crime and burglary. Even in “quiet”
neighborhoods—which are routinely protected by security companies,
closed-circuit cameras, palisade fencing, electronic gates, razor wire
and alarm systems—burglaries and armed robberies are distressingly
common. Child protection services estimate that one third of girls and
one fifth of boys in the country are sexually exploited; a child goes
missing on average every six hours. And the reality is probably worse
than the stats suggest: The government is widely thought to fudge the
numbers down so as not to highlight its failures. Mbeki has staunchly
supported his police commissioner despite his links to organized crime.
The minister of safety and security has told people to stop complaining
about the crime or leave the country.
It is easy to see why so many were eager for a change in leadership.
At the same time, it is equally clear that Jacob Zuma does not represent
a step forward for South Africa. Serious questions regarding his
character, experience and policies dog him—and, sometime next year,
could even land him in jail.
In classic African Big Man style, the larger-than-life Zuma dresses in
leopard skins, poses for pictures wearing a loincloth and holding a Zulu
shield, and uses the anti-apartheid Zulu anthem “Bring Me My Machine
Gun” as his theme song. He prides himself on his lack of formal
education; some say he’s barely literate. A polygamist, he has fathered
20 children by nine different women. He was once tried for rape; he said
the woman—the 31-year-old daughter of an anc comrade—had asked for it.
Though he was acquitted, he admitted to knowingly having unprotected sex
with this hiv-positive woman—then taking a shower to prevent contracting
the virus himself. This despite the fact that he had served as chairman
of the National aids Council.
After his own father was murdered when he was a child, Zuma was brought
up on the Soviet-era Communist ideals of the anc and joined its
terrorist wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (“Spear of the Nation”), at age 16.
Soon after, he was arrested and spent a decade in prison. After his
release, he worked in the anc’s underground; later he served as the
armed movement’s intelligence chief, the anc’s deputy president, and
then the deputy president of South Africa.
Though he touts himself as a man of the people and defender of the poor,
Zuma himself enjoys substantial wealth and a lavish lifestyle. During
his tenure as the nation’s deputy president, his own financial adviser
was sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption, after which Mbeki
fired Zuma himself. Zuma is still under investigation for his part in a
shady arms deal during that period; he has already lost two appeals
trying to bury certain damning evidence and is likely to be re-tried in
This is the man that the ruling party in South Africa has turned to in
order to address the nation’s crushing internal crises.
Zuma is simply not up to the job. Economically, as much as he may talk
about helping South Africa’s poor, he owes his electoral victory to the
anc’s powerful allies in cosatu—the Congress of South African Trade
Unions—and the South African Communist Party, both of which strongly
oppose anything resembling free-market reforms. According to the Sunday
Times, after the Zuma victory “both the rand and the stock market look
vulnerable. While Zuma is keen to disavow any appetite for radical
change, business is uneasily eyeing his need to pay off his Communist
party and union backers.” Among the likely payoffs are the
Communist-demanded nationalization of the country’s energy and mining
conglomerate Sasol and the largest steel producer in Africa, Mittal
As Dawie Roodt, chief economist at the Efficient Group, says of Zuma,
“I’ve never heard him say anything about the economy, but I know he owes
cosatu and I know what cosatu’s policies are. They are essentially
calling for more redistribution”—that is, stripping land and other
economic assets from whites and giving them to blacks. This is the most
vivid example of how the anc—now helmed by Jacob Zuma—is increasingly
flirting with the policies that have already turned Zimbabwe into one of
the most disastrous shipwrecks in the history of the nation-state.
True to its revolutionary roots, the anc is proving itself increasingly
driven by dangerous and shallow ideology rather than by what will best
serve the country. In clear contrast to the National Party that preceded
it, the anc is anti-West at its heart. From its earliest post-apartheid
days under Nelson Mandela, it has routinely fostered relationships with
dictators the world over, from Cuba to Libya to Iran. In the United
Nations—within which it is in the midst of a two-year stint on the
Security Council—it has consistently sided with Arab and Muslim entities
and against American and Israeli interests. High anc officials have
publicly warned that South Africa must protect itself against possible
invasion from the United States, of all things.
Zuma represents a further move in this anti-West direction. Already
South Africa’s designs on cementing its position as the dominant power
in Africa have put it at odds with outside powers—particularly the
Pentagon, which has proposed establishing a new command center in
Africa. Such friction could well increase if Zuma’s power grows.
Watch South Africa. In state after state on this aged continent, the
transfer of power from colonialists to local rule, hailed as a victory
for black Africans, has produced devastating results. The pattern that
has been repeatedly followed is one of the new governing elite seizing
the reins of power and driving their nations into the ground while
making themselves criminally wealthy—often largely off of international
aid that never reaches the people for whom it is intended. The
continent’s history of tribalism has simply overwhelmed democratic
instruments and bestowed the unparalleled power of the modern
nation-state on men who are essentially tribal chiefs.
South Africa has been a notable exception to this rule for several
decades since becoming an independent republic. But now, that is
changing—and rapidly. The true cause for this change is rooted in South
Africa’s historical connection to the British Empire and the throne of
England. Biblical prophecy describes and explains the curses South
Africa increasingly finds itself under—curses that are destined to grow
worse in the time ahead. A vital warning to the peoples of South Africa
is contained in our booklet South Africa in Prophecy. Though written a
decade ago, its prescient forecasts are even truer today, in the era of
In short, by all appearances the new leadership represents, at best, a
continuation of the problems that have plagued anc rule, if not their
intensification. Add to that the complications associated with the
friction between the anc leadership and the national presidency, as well
as the possibility that Zuma gets entangled in a corruption trial.
Andrew Feinstein concludes that, should Zuma be found guilty and
imprisoned, rendering him constitutionally unable to run for the
nation’s presidency, both he and Mbeki will have to vacate the scene
before South Africa has a chance to recuperate. While this is probably
true, the reality is that, once the nation suffers the blast furnace of
intensified trouble that awaits under such corrupt and crippled
leadership, the chances for real recuperation are virtually nil. South
Africa’s direction, in this unhappy present world, appears chiseled in
stone. •
Joel Hilliker’s column appears every Wednesday.
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on our feedback page.
The WORLD is starting to Open its Eyes.
Keep spreading the word.
'Steal from whites'
23/03/2004 08:30 - (SA)
Africa Ka Mahamba, Daily Sun
Johannesburg - The leader of a Pretoria-based youth organisation has
issued a controversial statement by telling youth to go and steal from
white people in the suburbs.
Faraday Nkoane, the leader of Uhuru cultural club, told 100 youngsters
who attended the Human Rights Day celebration at Lebanon township park
to go and steal from the whites because "it is the right thing to do.
"Stop stealing from black people because they will deal with you in an
African way. They will bewitch you and you will go crazy. The whites
have stolen from us since April 6, 1652. Our ancestors' cattle, goats,
sheep, chickens and others are in the hands of the whites, while we are
left with nothing. Go and steal from them because it is right.
"Taking from whites is not a crime because you repossess what belongs to
you. But make sure you are not caught," said Nkoane, addressing the
youth, most of whom were in Rastafarian colours.
When the Daily Sun approached him about his controversial statement that
would cause hatred between South Africans, Nkoane said he stood by his
statement because "nothing is wrong with it.
"Yes, nothing is wrong with my statement because the whites have stolen
from the blacks.
"My statement doesn't promote any hatred because I did not call for
violence against the whites. I only told the youth to go and repossess
from them. If youth steal in the township it is crime, but if they steal
from whites in the suburbs, it is not a crime because they are merely
repossessing," said Nkoane.
He said he would not withdraw his statement because the government was
doing nothing for unemployed youth.
Aiding and Abetting in MURDER and ALL CRIME.
An Accessory Before the Fact
Terrorists, Planning, supplying bombs, ammunition, encouraging and
giving the orders to Bomb and Kill innocent people, Promoting Hatred,
Promoting Crime, Soliciting Murder, encouraging people to commit crime
is Aiding and Abetting in Murder and crime. You are then an Accomplice,
an Accessory before the fact.
Accessory (law), in criminal law, accomplice in the commission of an
offence as distinguished from the chief offender. An accessory before
the fact is one who deliberately encourages others to commit an offence,
but who does not take a direct part in the offence. An accessory after
the fact is one who, knowing that an offence has been committed, takes
active steps to shelter the offender from justice or to enable the
offender to escape. Accessories may be distinguished from principals in
the second degree, that is, people who, although not the actual
perpetrators of the crime, were nevertheless present and aided and
abetted in the commission of the offence. The tendency of modern
legislation has been to convert accessories before the fact into
principals, and an accessory before the fact is often subject to a
punishment as severe as that imposed upon a principal. An accessory
after the fact, on the other hand, is subject to less severe penalties.
Also what about Farm Genocide in South Africa with the ANC Secret Hidden
Blacks Torturing and Brutally Murdering elderly White Farmers.
In 13 years of ANC Rule South Africa has deteriorated from a Beautiful
First World Country to a Third World SLUM, Squatter Camp.
The Infrastructure is falling apart very rapidly and lawlessness is
Murder, Rape, Crime and Corruption is everywhere.
The South African army and police are now a joke under ANC rule.
SATAN has taken over South Africa
You are not white - so we will let you live.
'Julle is nie wit - so ons sal julle laat leef'
Dec 30 2007 08:46:25:280PM - (SA)
Druk artikel
Beeld Newspaper South Africa.
Cobus Claassen
"Something drastic must be done about crime in South Africa.
People's lives have become too cheap in this country."
This is the opinion of a friend of Mr. Emmanuel Mwambulukutu, High
Commissioner of Tanzania, who is lying in a critical condition in the
Pretoria-East Hospital after he was heavily assaulted by four robbers on
Friday night in Garsfontein.
Mwambulukutu (63) and his family would have been returning to Tanzania
shortly, -- after 8 years in South Africa.
On Friday night shortly after 22:00 the robbers pounced on approx 25
guests at a friend of Mwambulukutu, dr. Christopher Mlosy's home where
they were sitting outside around a table visiting.
Mlosy held the gathering at his home as a farewell function for
One of Mwambulukutu's friends, who spoke to Beeld on conditions of
anonymity, said that he was shocked when a robber said that they thought
the victims were white people. "The one said: 'but you are not white
people.' So don't be worried, we will not kill you.'"
Mlosy, an economist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial
Research (CSIR), who has been living in South Africa for the past five
years, said yesterday that the government must realize that such
incidents will severely damage the country's reputation.
According to Mlosy the robbers attacked Mwambulukutu "like animals" when
Mwambulukutu said "God bless you all."
"It was like a trigger and one robber in particular was furious. He
said: 'We do not believe in God, we believe in Satan.'"
Mlosly said that the robbers then encouraged one another "to kill the
"I know this is a hard thing to say, but the robbers that attacked us
are not human. Humans do not behave like that."
Mwambulukutu was hit over the head with bottles and broken bottles were
used to stab him in the head. He sustained serious head injuries.
His wife, Lycia, was also admitted to hospital with a head wound, but
has been subsequently discharged. None of the other guests sustained any
serious injuries.
Ms. Sunel Barnard, representative for the Pretoria-East hospital, said
Mwambulukutu is in a critical condition. Since the attack he has not
regained his conscious.
The robbers escaped the scene with Mwambulukutu's Mercedes-Benz-4x4
vehicle and electronic house ware.
Capt Dennis Adriao, nasional police spokesperson, said that one of the
suspects was apprehended early yesterday early morning in Mamelodi-West.
"The suspect (25) is wounded and under police custody in hospital.
Mwambulukutu's vehicle, three firearms and many stolen goods were
found." The other three suspects are still free.
Adriao said that the police diplomatic-protection unit is only
responsible for the safety of embassies and diplomatic homes.
Dr. Gwen Ramokgopa, executive mayor of the Tshwane-metro council,
visited Mwambulukutu yesterday afternoon but did not want to speak to
the media.
Mr. Ronnie Mamoepa, spokesman for the department of foreign affairs,
strongly condemned the attack.
He did not want to deliver comment regarding the question whether
diplomats should have reason to be concerned about their safety in South
"Ask the police," he said.
Adriao said yesterday that crime is effecting everybody in South Africa.
"Whether it is normal members of the public or diplomats, we are all
potential victims."
SATAN has taken over South Africa
“KILL THE WHITES” ANC Secret Hidden Agenda.
the robbers that attacked us are not human. Humans do not behave like
a robber said that they thought the victims were white people. "The one
said: 'but you are not white people.' So don't be worried, we will not
kill you.'"
"It was like a trigger and one robber in particular was furious. He
said: 'We do NOT believe in God, we believe in Satan.'"
Also what about Farm Genocide in South Africa with the ANC Secret Hidden
Blacks Torturing and Brutally Murdering elderly White Farmers.
In 13 years of ANC Rule South Africa has deteriorated from a Beautiful
First World Country to a Third World SLUM, Squatter Camp.
The Infrastructure is falling apart very rapidly and lawlessness is
Murder, Rape, Crime and Corruption is everywhere.
The South African army and police are now a joke under ANC rule.
What are we going to do about all the BLACKS who Murdered all the White
Only about 10% of these scumbag murderers have been caught.
SATAN has taken over South Africa
3000+ murdered commercial (white) farmers since 1991
Genocide Watch
Genocide Watch is the Coordinator of the International Campaign to End
P.O. Box 809, Washington, D.C. 20044 USA. Phone: 703-448-0222
There is a Constitutional Court Ruling "The South African Government has
a DUTY OF CARE to Protect All its Citizens"
There is a Constitutional Court Ruling "The South African Government has
a DUTY OF CARE to Protect All its Citizens"
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Amnesty International
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Human Rights Watch
Institute for Global Communications
Where are all those White Liberals who helped the ANC???
Have they all left the Country?????
All those STUPID WHITES singing and even dancing with the Blacks.
Singing about killing the Whites.
What White idiots.
Next week they will murder you.
Where are all those White Liberals who smuggled all the guns, AK47 and
Bombs into South Africa for the ANC ????????????
those White Liberal university students especially the females who were
dancing , marching and singing with the ANC.
I don’t see any in Parliament.
None at the ANC Meeting last weekend.
What happened to them?????.
Do you think we need a list of their names and whereabouts today????.
Anyone prepared to help me prepare a list.
I bet they will all deny it today.
and Organizations who are FUNDING THE ANC???????
Do they know what is going on in South Africa?
I think we should keep them informed?
Terrorists have always been middle-class.
Paupers are not mounting a global terrorist offensive.
The World is starting to open its eyes.
Keep spreading the word.
The TOURISTS need to be warned they are the ones walking around with
cameras and expensive watched in high crime areas.
The Tourists are walking from the Yacht Mole and hotels into town every
Day and also at night.
They are in great danger from muggers in that area and Durban Central.
As you know DURBAN is the Robbery Capital of South Africa.
Crime Statistics for DURBAN CENTRAL 2006_04_01 to 2007_03_31.
92 MURDER per year
3215 ROBBERY with Aggravated Circumstances per year
165 CARJACKING per year
RAPE per year ????
As can be seen Durban Central is a VERY DANGEROUS PLACE.
Did the Policemen WARN the Tourists NOT to go into Durban Central?
The Policemen know Durban is a very Dangerous place yet they failed to
warn them. WHY NOT?
Crime Statistics for DURBAN COMPLETE POLICING AREA 2006_04_01 to
1985 MURDER per year
2398 ATTEMPTED MURDER per year
17344 ROBBERY with Aggravated Circumstances per year
2729 CARJACKING per year
RAPE per year ????
5.5 MURDER per day
47.1 ROBBERY with Aggravated Circumstances per day
7.5 CARJACKING per day
RAPE per day ????
South Africa is the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.
The Blacks do NOT believe that there is 55 MURDERS PER DAY in South
Nor do I.
I believe the TRUE figure is far higher, the amount of 128 MURDERS PER
DAY in South Africa.
An Interpol report stated that the annual murder rate in South Africa is
in fact twice the reported rate of 23,500 (47,000)”
a. The ANC Government is telling us LIES?
b. The South African Police Services is telling us LIES?
What has the ANC Government have to hide?
I have written many letters to President Thabo Mbeki, Minister of Safety
and Security, Mr. Charles Nqakula, MP, Chief of Police Mr. Jackie
Selebi, Metro Police Director of Police, Mr. E. Nzama.
I have written 14 Crime & pollution Complaint letters to ANC COMRADE
Michael Sutcliffe, NO REPLY.
The Crime rate has NOT IMPROVED, it’s gotten WORSE.
Constitutional Ruling, the ANC Government has a DUTY of CARE to PROTECT
From the above it is very OBVIOUS I need to hand out many more pamphlets
I have a DUTY and an Obligation to warn the People and Tourists.
I will be handing out more Crime Awareness Pamphlets
18,545 Murder
54,926 Rape
20,553 Attempted murder
226,942 Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm
227,553 Common assault
119,726 Robbery with aggravating circumstances
74,723 Common robbery
9,805 Indecent assault
2,320 Kidnapping
3,345 Abduction
4,828 Neglect and ill-treatment of children
12,415 Culpable homicide
1,044 Public violence
12,825 Carjacking (subcategory of aggravated robbery)
829 Truck hijacking (subcategory of aggravated robbery)
59 Bank robbery (subcategory of aggravated robbery)
385 aggravated robbery.
10,173 Robbery of cash in transit (subcategory of aggravated robbery)
4,387 Robbery at residential premises (subcategory of
aggravated robbery)
7,622 Robbery at business premises (subcategory of Arson
144,265 Malicious damage to property
44,512 Crimen injuria
262,535 Burglary at residential premises
54,367 Burglary at business premises
85,964 Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle
139,090 Theft out of or from motor vehicle
28,742 Stock-theft
13,453 Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition
95,690 Drug-related crime
33,116 Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
432,629 All theft not mentioned elsewhere
54,214 Commercial crime
64,491 Shoplifting
Crime is under reported in South Africa
The South African Citizens have lost all confidence in the POLICE.
The above is the official ANC Government CRIME Statistics.
The above Crime Statistics are very BAD.
I truly believe the Crime Rate in South Africa is far HIGHER than the
Do you believe the ANC Government???
I personally have been mugged 6 times in Durban,
Robbed at gun point, and lost +- R2, 5 million to thieves.
Its time to tell the World.
Some interesting reading:
We need Zero Tolerance on all Criminals.
For more information & details sms Cell: 082-964-8877 or e-mail: to me your name + Postal address + crime, I
will post you FREE CD.
Please tell me your crime story.
Its time to Stand up and Be Counted.
Yours Faithfully,
Snowy Smith
Senior Complaints Investigator
Consumer Protection Guide
Fair Civil Law
The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.
South Africa is a Country of Thieves.
South Africa has the Highest Crime Rate in the World.
Consumer Protection Guide
FCL was founded in 1986. FCL is a Consumer Watchdog Organisation.
FCL are not Attorneys/Lawyers however we do give Free Legal Advice
and assist the Public with all legal matters, and sample Legal
We have over 30,000 sample Legal Documents, Magistrate & HIGH Court.
FCL Investigates and Exposes all CRIME, Theft, Fraud, Bribery,
Corruption, Misrepresentation, Abuse of Power etc.
FCL also investigates all consumer complaints and
complaints against Attorneys/Lawyers.
FCL is fighting for Consumer Rights and Redress to Complaints.
All the Information supplied by FCL is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.
The costs of FCL projects and services are met through
donations which we invite in any amount.
P.O. BOX 3022, DURBAN, 4000.
Cell: 082-964-8877

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This is a blog that was created to help the white struggle in South Africa to survive the communist onslaught by the ruling ANC regime to erradicate everything that is white in S.A. This is a blog created to ask for international help to stop the white genocide in S.A- the farm murders, corruption, black on white racism, nepotism, clandistine operations against whites, land grabs, personal disownment, hi-jacks- and unneccesary slaughter of feeble old people by gangs of illegal aliens imported by the ANC to do just that.



All whites has to be erradicated from all levels in the country, whether it is financially, schooling, sports, work- you call it- whites are eliminated and excluded by force. The ANC has their "Diplomatic" terms for it- Affirmative action, BEE, Quotas, Equity acts, Land Distribution, etc, etc- but their bottom goal is to clean Africa from whites! Hundreds of aliens are welcome to work, stay- and vote in SA- so long they do not appear in their WHITE pajamas- otherwise- they are free to enter and get all the royalties SA can offer. White citizens in SA can only get ONE royalty the regime has to offer: The royalty of leaving SA!

Uncanny -isn't it: The ANC- mostly aliens themselves- are now alienating true SA citizens- and claiming the country belongs to THEM ( Sounds very much parasitic to me)

This Blog also want to show the world what type and caliber our so-called "government" really are- the thievery, banality, corruption, denails, communism, witch hunts, racism, hate speeches agains whites, "don't care" attitudes, gravy train riding, cliques , lavish money spending, exauburant salaries and many more attrocities under the banner of "Democracy."
Never in the history of this country- was there such an esculation of crime, corruption and "high profile"-if you can attach that term- arrests as when this corrupt regime took over.

Since the ANC international supported hi-jack of SA- everything falls apart- and are in shambles: The Defence Force, Education, Medical sector, Police Force, City Councels, Airports, Borders...and about everything that is being run by an ANC deligate. Now the ONE unit that actually made a success- The Scorpions- are to be dismantled because too many ANC "comrades" are caught for corruption- and sent to jail, where they belong. Zuma and his corruption with Shabir Sheik- after he just-just missed jail for rape, and Mbeki and the top clique for having a couple of front companies where millions of rands are swooping through.

We also remembered the Scorpions zeroing-in on other top criminals like Jackie Selebe (So-Called Police Commisioner), The Parliamentary Flygate bunch, Crooked Toni Yengeni (M.E.C), Mantho Tshabalala Msimang and her ex-Botswana corruption history when she ran away, Pnuel Maduna and the millions of litres of oil he sold and deposit the takings in ANC accounts, Nkosana Zuma and the cool 50 million donated for AIDS she squandered, The Vice president and her 40 thousand she spent on a luxury holiday from taxpayer's funds and so-on and so-on. The list just keep on growing. NOW you know why the elite unit HAS to be stopped- otherwise SA will sit without a government by the end of 2008...all back in jail where most came from!! We will not even go down in history as far as '94 when other criminal ANC "high-ups" like Winnie "Necklace" Mandella and her "soccer team" rattled the ANC beloved liberal world with the Stompie Sepei murder- one she did not even go to jail for- and her thousands of rands of debt!

We do not even talk of Mr. Robert McBride of the Mangoo's Bar bomb slaugter- who was found guilty- sat 3 wonderful years in prison, became Mbeki's attache in Chille- and now SECURITY CHIEF- again in court for "Marxist" tipe of rule in the councel, corruption- and drunk while driving. One of these days there will be more ANC top-hats in jail that common criminals!! Now the Scorpions are dismantled for doing their job too good- instead of the whole ANC parliament being fired!!!

Currently- SA is being run by Lethuli house, The millions of unions, the Communist Party, thousands of ANC affiliated "Groups & Leagues- and the top ANC clique.

SA has three unconditional laws since the ANC took hold of our system:


Thus the reason why capital punishment was abolished by the ruling regime- they were too scared that should the death penalty stay- most of their comrades would've been wiped out- it is a natural common way of life in Africa. If something stands in your way of progress- be a natural warrior- and kill it. Young Africans are taught to rape virgins to cure themselves from aids. You can't steal- you just take what you want/need. Nothing wrong in participating in the above three catogories, because all blacks have "Ubuntu"(Goodness) in them- so- you have no evil in you.(That is reserved for whites.)

We hope that those 'Free the ANC" liberal movements and past as well as current donators will open their eyes to the horrible reality in S.A- not only are S.A whites slaughered- but also white tourists from YOUR countries. Please wake-up- and stop your donations to this ruling racist regime.

If you are still unsure of the situation- please do what you are so good at: Send in the camera troops unnoticed for- say 3 weeks (Just tell them to hold on tight to their cameras, equipment and cellphones)....and see for yourself the deterrioration of a country that once was a leader in many technologies. You murdered our country for your own personal gain- so, if you have any concious left- stop this bullying non-functional government now! Remember- this is not SA anymore....THIS IS NOW GANGLAND, and we are ruled by the norm of this new system- Crime, corruption, murder, rape....and o- I forgot- GOVERNMENT DENAIL AT ALL TIMES!


End of an Era

The first-hand testimony by former combatants of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) about the cruel ANC prison regime are an event in South African history. Never before has such concentrated factual evidence been presented about the inner nature of the ANC and its eminence grise, the South African Communist Party.

The ANC/SACP did a very good job in preventing public knowledge of its secret history from emerging. Those who survived the Gulag system of the ANC/SACP did so knowing that to reveal what they had been through meant re-arrest, renewed tortures and in all probability, death. They had to sign a form committing them to silence!

KGB-directed torture chambers led to suicides...

These ex-detainces in Nairobi have revealed that other prisoners, including Leon Madakeni, star of the South African film Wanaka, as well as Nomhlanhla Makhuba and another person known as Mark, committed suicide rather than suffer re-arrest at the hands of their KGB-trained guardians. Madakeni drove a tractor up a steep incline in Angola, put it into neutral and died as it somersaulted down the hill ...

  • The ex-guerrillas in Nairobi displayed immense courage in speaking out publicly - their courage might have contributed to secure the lives of eight colleagues who had fled Tanzania through Malawi hoping to reach South Africa on the principle that better a South African jail than the ANC 'security.'
  • This group, including two leaders of the mutiny in the ANC camps in Angola in 1984, arrived in South Africa in April, were immediately detained at Jan Smuts Airport by the security police for interrogation, and then released three weeks later.
  • The day after their release they gave a press conference in Johannesburg, confirming the account of the mutiny published on this page.

This regimen of terror, extending beyond the gates of the ANC/SACP `Buchenwald' of Quadro, was a necessary element in the total practice of repression and deception which made the Anti-Apartheid Movement the most successful Popular Front lobby for Stalinism anywhere in the world.

  • No international Stalinist-run public organization has ever had such an influence and shown such stability, reaching into so many major countries, for so long
  • Vital to its success has been a practice of open and covert censorship The ANC's prisoners were its necessary sacrificial-victims.

The KGB in Africa
The prison system to which they were subject goes back to the late 1960s. It was the successor and the complement to the prison system on which blacks in South Africa are weaned with their mothers' milk.

  • In 1969 one of the editors of this journal met two South Africans in London who said they had fought in the first MK guerrilla operation in mid-1967 - a disastrous fiasco across the Zambezi River into the Wankie area of Rhodesia, along with guerrillas from the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), then led by James Chikerema.
  • (The ZAPU president, Joshua Nkomo, was in detention).
  • The two men described how they had eventually succeeded in escaping from Rhodesia, and how their criticism of the operation had led to their imprisonment in an ANC camp in Tanzania.
  • An article on the theme appeared the same year in the British radical newspaper Black Dwarf then edited by Tariq Ali.

The revelations by the Nairobi five indicate how little has changed. In his book on black politics in South Africa since 1945, Tom Lodge, (Black politics in South Africa Since 1945, Ravan, 1987), writes:

In 1968 a batch of Umkhonto defectors from camps in Tanzania sought asylum in Kenya, alleging that there was widespread dissatisfaction within the camps. They accused their commanders of extravagant living and ethnic favouritism. The first Rhodesian mission, they alleged, was a suicide mission to eliminate dissenters. In political discussions no challenge to a pro-Soviet position was allowed (p300).

  • From 1968 to 1990, nothing basic altered in the ANC's internal regime in the camps, except that in the high noon of the Brezhnev era it operated para-statal powers under civil war conditions in Angola, where a large Cuban and Soviet presence permitted the ANC security apparatus to 'bestride the narrow world like a Colossus.'

From the account of the ex-mutineers, ANC administrative bodies ruled over its elected bodies, the security department ruled over the administrative organs, and KGB-trained officials - no doubt members of the SACP - ruled over the security apparatus.

  • Umkhonto we Sizwe functioned as an extension in Africa of the KGB.
  • Its role in the civil war in Angola was to serve primarily as a surrogate to Soviet foreign policy interests, so that when the ANC rebels proposed that their fight be diverted to South Africa this counted as unpardonable cheek, to be ruthlessly punished.
  • Over its own members, the ANC security apparatus ruled with all the arrogance of a totalitarian power.

There is a direct line of connection between the ANC reign of terror in its prisons - which a UN High Commission for Refugees official described as more frightening than Swapo prisons - and the 'necklace' killings exercised by ANC supporters within South Africa, especially during the period of the 1984-86 township revolt, but now once again revived against oppositional groupings such as Azapo.

  • (The ANC's' necklace' politics was also a definite contributory element provoking the carnage in Natal). Two former ANC prisoners, Similo Boltina and his wife Nosisana, were in fact necklaced on their return to South Africa in 1986, after having been repatriated by the Red Cross (letter from Bandile Ketelo, 9 April 1990).

  • This is the significance of the `Winnie issue.'
  • When leaders of the Mass Democratic Movement publicly expressed their 'outrage’ at Winnic Mandela's 'obvious complicity’ in the abduction and assault on 14 year-old Stompie Mocketsi Seipe, leading to his murder, this was in response to very widespread and very well-founded revulsion among Soweto residents - especially ANC supporters such as members of the Federation of Transvaal Women (Fetraw).
  • They were enraged by the jackboot politics of the so-called Mandela United Football Team, whose 'coach` - to the satisfaction of Fetraw members - has been convicted of Stompie's murder.
  • This squad of thugs, based in Mrs Mandela’s house, acted within Soweto in the same way that the ANC/SACP security acted abroad, in Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The welcome of Captain Dirk Coetzee, head of the regime's assassination squad, into the arms of the ANC is an indication of the future course of development, as is the decision by the new Swapo government in Namibia to appoint a number of top South African security policemen, including the former chief of police in the Ovambo region, Derek Brune, to head its secret organs of coercion.

The South African prison system was replicated in the ANC prisons even into everyday terminology, above all at Quadro. This is a name that requires to become common currency in political discourse: it is the Portuguese for `No.4' the name used throughout South Africa for the notorious black section of the prison at the Fort.

Sneers by warders at soft conditions in 'Five Star Hotels', the common description of punishment cells as 'kulukudu' and the whole atmosphere of brutal crassness is quintessentially South African, spiced with the added sadism of the Gulag. The ANC prison system combined the worst of South African and of Russian conditions fused together, and it is this new social type - as a refinement and augmentation of each - that is now offered to the people of South Africa as the symbol of freedom.

Read the entire terrifying tale here:

READ one of the original ANC reports on:


KwaMashu, still my home"-- Hate-speech movie against Asians and Whites features ANC-leader Zuma:

April 7 2008 - By Adriana Stuijt. The following You-Tube film extract is from an upcoming documentary KWA MASHU: STILL MY HOME, directed by the African-American anti-slavery filmmaker Owen 'Alik Shahadah.

It was produced by the South African business K-CAP and UK business Halaqah Films together with the African Holocaust Society.

Owen 'Alik Shahadah, who refers to South Africa as "Azania", is actively engaged in spreading hate-speech among blacks with his films, targetting Asians and whites in South Africa, grotesquely even claiming that "South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control'...

He writes:

"South Africa is under majority-European and Asian control... across the board there is always a white face holding senior rank, might it be Zulu lodges, private game reserves, tour operators, hoteliers, all exclusively non-African. And to add to this the Africans employed do not hold any managerial positions...

"On any given day in Durban it is possible to see large exclusive congregation of Asians around central social business spots like restaurants. A brief tour of Durban shows a stark monopoly of supermarket ownership, restaurants, practically everything that is worth owning. Even the small one-man street vendor trades are dominated by them. And now with the “death” of Apartheid the European and Asian business are venturing into the townships, the heart of the African community, and setting-up large business...

He is an avid supporter of Jacob Zuma, new leader of the African National Congress ruling party, and who is widely seen as the future new president of S.Africa.


March 16 2008 - The black residents association of this state-owned apartment building in Mafikeng who posted this sign still insist that 'they aren't racists - they just don't want any whites to buy into the building...'

Read the entire sad tale here:

Senior ANC MP makes death-threat gesture to white MP

The woman in this picture is the ruling ANC party's parliamentarian Winkie Direko, caught in the act of making an offensive death-threat gesture to the Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard in the SA parliament. Winkie is the former premier of the Free State. The parliament was in session at the time.

March 5 2008 - CAPE TOWN. The Democratic Alliance opposition party has laid a charge against Winkie Direko, the former premier of the Free State, after the ANC-MP made an very offensive death-threat gesture at DA MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard during a sitting of parliament.

Direko drew her finger across her throat (see pictures above) when Kohler Barnard was asking questions of Safety & Security minister Charles Nkakula relating to the dissolution of the Scorpions police unit.

Ian Davidson of the DA commented that Direko’s shocking gesture served to heighten racial tension and promoted hatred and anti-White violence which was already wide-spread in South Africa.


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SA Christian womant touches tenants' Koran - gets murdered in Sandton home1
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Black Carltonville pupil dies Feb 19 - parents say he was killed by a rugby ball2
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Xhosas, Tswanas vow to 'fight to the death' over housing-rights in Rustenburg1
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Afrikaner businessman Etienne Kruger arrested for refusing to bribe a cop, Pta1
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"Prominet business people targetted for murder in Parktown/Craighall' - DA1
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Pres. Thabo Mbeki parties while SA is plunged into violence, racial turmoil1
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Afrikaans woman cursed as 'white bitch' by black cops who also shoot the dog1
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Two Afrikaner pupils knifed by 3 non-white pupils, Akasia High School5
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Afrikaans singer assaulted in Johannesburg hospital for helping elderly mom2
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SABC employee Alwyn Kloppers robbed by metro-cop after fake 'booze-check'1
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Zulu tribe threatens armed occupation of farm Uitval near Vryheid1
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Three accused rapists of Afrikaner vacationers in KZN near judgment day1
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MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 02/02/2004 23:08
Hateful words a war crime - three journalists convicted1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 20/01/2004 02:22
Pretoria's name change seen as anti-Afrikaner hatred by city taxpapers1
MSN NicknameAndyStuijt1 15/11/2003 02:58
Apartheid still alive and well in SA...2
MSN NicknameWotknott 21/02/2003 19:06
20030219: Racial clash: Boys in court...1
MSN NicknameWotknott 19/02/2003 06:02
Do we really need a Ministry of Sport?5
MSN NicknameWotknott 21/11/2002 06:32
Bafana hero, mom in 'punch-up'1
MSN NicknameWotknott 11/10/2002 08:31
SA leaves 'black' conference
Bushbuckridge ANC-mayor in court for double-assassinations - Ancyl threats1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 14/04/2008 12:16
20070627 Mpuma politician Thandi Motshwene assassinated at Leslie home5
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 14/04/2008 12:08
Aids-activist and Mbeki-critic Father Kieran Creagh gunned down by 8-member gang2
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 08/04/2008 06:14
Second Swazi anti-monarchy activist shot dead - Dr Gabriel Mkhumane1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 03/04/2008 01:41
Accused assassin of West Rand mining executive absconds from Vereeniging court1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 04/03/2008 07:40
Achitect Julian Lap executed in Parktown home - NOTHING ROBBED1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 04/03/2008 03:48
Two blacks on trial for murder of Family-Violence Capt.Anna-Marie Potgieter, '061
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 14/02/2008 01:24
gutsy SA crime fighter Lindiwe Mthembu killed before she could testify in court1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 21/01/2008 05:18
Mbeki 'assassinated and persecuted' political opponents - that's why he lost ANC1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 23/12/2007 06:49
German jotelier Franz Richter, 80, assassinated, Swartkops, Hebron1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 29/11/2007 03:17
Bavarian-born SA hotel-owning couple murdered execution-style in KZN3
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 08/11/2007 23:09
20070713 Eric Lerata, chief of Nuclear Energy Corp, killed execution-style, Pta2
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 08/11/2007 09:28
VIDEO - Xenophobic anger at Zulu reggae legend Lucky Dube memorial service1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/10/2007 07:01
Raja Naido, councillor of Merebank KZN -- assassination remains a mystery1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 20/10/2007 05:55
Was South African headmaster Nick Karvelas assassinated by a death squad?3
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 03/09/2007 04:26
Stellenbosch deputy-mayor Khulile Shubani injured in 'assassination attempt'1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 30/08/2007 06:18
Pastor Musa Maluleke of Pietersburg assassinated - DJ Brian Rikhotsho charged1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 22/08/2007 06:15
Was lynching of ANC-councllor Ntai Mokoena an assassination?3
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 13/08/2007 00:00
Were secret uranium deposits the cause of Koesterfontein lynchings?4
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 11/08/2007 21:17
20070715 Manie Maritz, BMW manager, assassinated in home ambush1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 07/08/2007 04:03
20070806 Ian de Wet, 42, leading Afrikaner broker, found dead in BMW boot1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 07/08/2007 03:59
Mugabe critic journalist Abel Mutsakani shot assassination-style July 26 20071
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 26/07/2007 04:57
SAs 1-million security guards can used as an army during emergencies...1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/07/2007 05:00
20070718 Wife of presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale escapes from hijackers1
MSN NicknameNolidaStuijt 19/07/2007 04:37
The stench of genocide in the making hangs in the SA air...2
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/06/2007 03:13
20070606 Alicia Cloete, 12; Edwina Wing, 18, assassinated in WCape gun attack1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 28/06/2007 02:53
Man, 4-year-old daughter assassinated in Milnerton, Cape4
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 03/06/2007 10:45
Raped teenager murdered with her family before she could testify:1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 20/05/2007 05:29
20070309 Raoshezaad Ali, Pakistani businessman, executed in Laudium/Pretori1
MSN NicknameAdrianaStuijt1 10/03/2007 02:57
20060107 Doulien van der Merwe, opposition party candidate, shot, Mamelodi1
MSN NicknameUnveiledAJStuijt 09/01/2006 03:33
20050123 - 46 Political assassinations in South Africa since April 2004